"Saturday Night Live" star Chris Kattan plays "Corky Romano", the loser son of a Mafia boss who is called upon by the family to give up his Veterinarian job & join the FBI to retrieve incriminating evidence that could put his father in jail for life.

"Corky Romano" features a strong supporting cast. Look out for Richard Roundtree, the original "Shaft" as Corky's FBI boss, Fred Ward (Remo) as Pops Romano's right-hand man & Matthew Glave (The Wedding Singer) as FBI agent Brick Davis. Peter Falk (TV's Colombo) is excellent as Corky's father Pops, the ailing mafia boss who is reluctant to recruit his son for such an important mission. Chris Penn (Footloose) & Peter Berg (Cop Land) also add to the fun as Corky's bumbling brothers.

Director Rob Pritts makes his feature film debut with "Corky Romano" & he keeps the laughs coming thick & fast. Fart jokes, crotch jokes & gay jokes, there all here in this wacky slapstick comedy, not all the jokes hit their mark & some of them might depend on the mood you are in at the time of viewing. Made on a budget of $11 million "Corky Romano" has already grossed over $23 million at the US box office alone. One thing is for sure, Chris Kattan is a talented comedian & if you are a fan of his work on "Saturday Night Live", you should find "Corky Romano" a real blast.
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Corky Romano : Special Agent
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TITLE : Corky Romano
CLASSIFICATION :              
DIRECTOR : Rob Pritts
STARRING :  Chris Kattan, Vinessa Shaw, Peter Falk, Peter Berg, Chris Penn, Fred Ward, Richard Roundtree, Matthew Glave  
* Who is Corky Romano?
* Undercover and Out The Way!
Above: Chris Kattan (Corky Romano) & Peter Falk (Pops Romano)
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Corky Romano(2001) VHS
"Saturday Night Live" star Chris Kattan is an inept veterinary assistant who agrees to pose as an FBI agent in order to recover damaging evidence against dad Peter Falk, whose landscaping business is, unknown to Kattan, a front for Mafia activity. But when Kattan's klutziness inadvertantly makes him a top agent, he's forced to choose between his family and his newfound success in this slapstick comic romp. With Vinessa Shaw, Chris Penn, Richard Roundtree. 86 min.

Corky Romano [DVD](2001) DVD

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