FULL NAME: Fabiano Anthony Forte
DATE OF BIRTH : 6 February 1943
PLACE OF BIRTH : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA  
SPOUSES : Kate Forte (1980 - ????) (divorced)
Andrea Patrick (19th of September 1998 - present)  
Fabian Forte
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* 2000 - Hollywood Rocks the Movies: The Early Years (TV)
* 1999 - Mr. Rock 'n' Roll: The Alan Freed Story (TV)
* 1996 - Up Close & Personal
* 1994 - Runaway Daughters (TV)
* 1983 - Get Crazy (aka Flip Out)
* 1981 - Revenge of the Zombie (aka Kiss Daddy Goodbye)
* 1979 - Crisis in Mid-air (TV)
* 1978 - Disco Fever
* 1978 - Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold (TV)
* 1978 - Getting Married (TV)
* 1976 - The Day the Lord Got Busted (aka Soul Hustler)
* 1973 - Little Laura and Big John
* 1970 - A Bullet for Pretty Boy
* 1969 - The Devil's 8  
* 1968 - Maryjane
* 1968 - The Wild Racers
* 1967 - Thunder Alley (aka Hell Drivers)
* 1966 -
Fireball 500
* 1966 - Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs
* 1966 - Ten Little Indians
* 1965 - Dear Brigitte

* 1964 - Ride the Wild Surf
* 1962 - The Longest Day
* 1962 - Five Weeks in a Balloon
* 1962 - Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation
* 1961 - Love in a Goldfish Bowl
* 1960 - High Time
* 1960 -
North to Alaska
* 1959 - Hound-Dog Man
* Fabian Forte is the son of a police officer. When his father died, Fabian was very young but still had to work to help support the family.

* As a child Fabian enjoyed singing, but it wasn't until age 15 that his career took off when he won the Silver Award as "The Most Promising Male Vocalist of 1958".

* Within 3 years he had a number of hit singles including gold records for "Turn Me Loose" & "Tiger". He even appeared on the famous TV music show "American Bandstand".

*  In 1959 he made his screen debut in the Don Siegel film "Hound Dog Man" opposite Carol Lynley. In the following year he demonstrated tremendous comedic talent when he starred opposite John Wayne in the comedy western "North To Alaska".

* Throughout the 60's Fabian kept his teen idol status intact by appearing in numerous teen flicks including the classic 1964 surf movie "Ride The Wild Surf".

* During the 70's & early 80's Fabian continued to work in minor film & television roles.

* It wasn't until the mid-eighties that Fabian & fellow 50's teen idols Frankie Avalon & Bobby Rydell were reunited by Dick Fox to go on tour in "The Golden Boys of Rock n Roll Show". They toured all the major cities of the United States & played to packed houses such as Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

* In recent years Fabian has made frequent television and film appearances, he has hosted a Celebrity Golf Tournament which raises money for Veteran's causes & continues to tour with the "Golden boys of Rock n Roll Show".

* In 1998 Fabian married Andrea Patrick, a former Miss Pennsylvania and Miss West Virginia.
Teen Stars Of The 1950's & 1960's
Hound-Dog Man, 1960's Pin-Up Boy
and Teen Heart-throb
January 20th 2002 - 1950's & 60's Teen Idol & heartthrob Fabian Forte has recently unveiled his star on the world renowned "Hollywood Walk of Fame". Fabian Forte, now 58 years of age, was only a teenager when he hit the record charts with "Turn Me Loose" & "Tiger". Fabian also appeared in the hit movies "Hound-Dog Man", "North To Alaska", "Ride The Wild Surf" & "Fireball 500". Fabian currently lives with his wife Andrea Patrick in Pennsylvania, USA.
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Fabian Fact File:
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Oct. 27th 2003
North To Alaska(1960) VHS
Lusty, brawling epic of prospectors in Gold Rush Alaska stars John Wayne and Stewart Granger as partners who wind up fighting for the hand of lovely Capucine. Fun-filled adventure film also stars Ernie Kovacs, Fabian. 117 min.

Mr. Hobbs Takes A Vacation(1962) VHS
James Stewart takes his family on a seaside holiday, only to be plagued by a lothario with eyes for his wife, a son who's glued to the TV set, a daughter who refuses to go out in public with braces, and two daughters with marital woes. Warm comedy co-stars Maureen O'Hara. 115 min.

Five Weeks In A Balloon(1962) VHS
From master fantasist Jules Verne comes this tale of a balloon expedition over 19th-century Africa, a trip fraught with dangers both natural and man-made. Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Red Buttons, Peter Lorre, Barbara Eden and Fabian star. 102 min.

The Longest Day(1962) VHS
The Longest Day (Color Version) VHS
The "D" in D-Day stands for "Deeply Colored" in this computer-tinted version of the all-star WWII drama.

The Longest Day (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

The Longest Day (Spanish Subtitled Version)(1962) VHS
In English with Spanish subtitles.

The Longest Day [DVD](1962) DVD
Acclaimed as one of Hollywood's greatest epics, producer Darryl F. Zanuck's re-creation of the Allied landing at Normandy on June 6, 1944 follows the grand-scale drama and personal stories of D-Day. International all-star cast includes John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Robert Mitchum, Rod Steiger, Richard Burton, Red Buttons, Sean Connery, Mel Ferrer, Robert Ryan. 179 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: English 5.0 and Dolby Surround, French; Subtitles: English, Spanish; theatrical trailer; scene access.

Ride The Wild Surf(1964) VHS
Columbia attempted to catch the "beach party film" wave with this more serious look at three surf bums in Hawaii whose ambitions revolve around surfing competitions and girls. Tab Hunter, Susan Hart, Fabian, Shelley Fabares, Peter Brown and Barbara Eden star; theme by Jan and Dean. 101 min.

Dear Brigitte(1965) VHS
Charming comedy with Jimmy Stewart as a college professor whose genius son has two passions: handicapping horse races and writing fan letters to Brigitte Bardot. Light-hearted family fare also stars Bill Mumy, Fabian, John Williams, Ed Wynn and a memorable cameo by La Brigitte herself. 100 min.

Thunder Alley(1967) VHS
Stock car racer Fabian is forced to retire after a blackout on the track leads to the death of another driver. Taking a job with Jan Murray's "thrill circus," he teaches Annette Funicello and boyfriend Warren Berlinger to race, but when Fabian's old girlfriend causes friction between the trio, he must get back behind the wheel and overcome his affliction in this rubber-burning thriller from director Richard Rush ("The Stunt Man"). 90 min.

The Rat Patrol, Vol. 4: The B Negative Raid/The Do-Re-Mi Raid VHS
When Moffitt is seriously injured in "B Negative," the patrol tries frantically to find someone with the same blood type to save him; Fabian guest stars. Then, "Do-Re-Mi" finds Troy trying to save an American singer held behind enemy lines by the Germans; Jack Jones guest stars.

Mr. Rock 'N' Roll: The Alan Freed Story(1999) VHS
Judd Nelson stars in this song-filled biodrama as the '50s Cleveland disc jockey who introduced America to a musical revolution and ushered in a new era in cultural integration, until scandal and a stormy personal life ended his career. A great '50s soundtrack and appearances by Fabian, Bobby Rydell, Paula Abdul, and Leon as Jackie Wilson add to the excitement. 91 min.

Ten Little Indians(1966) VHS
A dinner party in a remote Alpine retreat becomes a search for a murderer when, one by one, the guests of the unseen host are killed. Hugh O'Brian, Shirley Eaton, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Dennis Price and Fabian star in this variation of the Christie thriller. 90 min.

Revenge Of The Zombie(1981) VHS
Supernatural tale of violence and vengeance, when a biker gang breaks into a house and kills the father of two children with bizarre powers. Marilyn Burns, Jon Cedar and Fabian Forte star. AKA: ``Kiss Daddy Goodbye.'' 92 min.

Up Close And Personal(1996) VHS
Up Close And Personal [DVD](1996) DVD
Loosely based on the life of late TV news anchorwoman Jessica Savitch, this romantic drama stars Michelle Pfeiffer as an ambitious journalist who, with skill, determination and help from boss and lover Robert Redford, becomes a star TV reporter in Miami and Philadelphia. With Stockard Channing, Joe Mantegna and Kate Nelligan. 124 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: English 5.1, French; theatrical trailer; scene access.

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