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The Three Stooges Meet Hercules(1962) VHS
Those lovable knuckleheads, Moe, Larry and Curly Joe, journey back to ancient Greece, where they become prisoners on a galley ship, have a run-in with a pair of Cyclopean brothers and meet the famous strongman. Co-stars Vicki Trickett, Quinn Redeker. 89 min.

Vengeance Of Ursus(1962) VHS
The appropriately appellationed Samson Burke stars as heroic Ursus, who fights like a bear to save a village's oppressed residents from their enemies, in this rousing swords-and-sandals thriller.

Five For Hell(1967) VHS
Summer, 1944: five misfit soldiers of fortune are sent on a suicide mission into Nazi-held Europe. No one expected them to come out alive, but then no one asked them. Exciting WWII thriller stars Klaus Kinski. 88 min.

Death Trip(1968) VHS
A special agent brings LSD into the country for "military purposes," and when it gets stolen by some gun-toting criminals he and his partner try to find it amidst desert oil ruins and wild motorcycle chases. Gladiator film experts Brad Harris and Tony Kendall star along with Samson Burke of "The Three Stooges Meet Hercules." Based on the "Kommissar X" book series. Dubbed in English.

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Samson Burke
Samson Burke
Samson Burke