TITLE: Joe Somebody
DIRECTOR: John Pasquin  
STARRING : Tim Allen, Julie Bowen, James Belushi, Kelly Lynch, Hayden Panettiere, Greg Germann, Robert Joy, Patrick Warburton, Ken Marino, James Cada, Tawnja Zahradka, Tina Lifford, Ahna Brandvik, Wolfgang Bodison, John Riedlinger.
* Someone just picked on the wrong nobody
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Joe Somebody
Joe Somebody: Cinema Synopsis
Joe, a divorced corporate Everyman, has a dead-end personal and professional life. Both these lives, however, are turned around after the office bully publicly humiliates Joe in front of his daughter. As Joe trains for a rematch--and gives himself a makeover--he begins an unexpected ascent up the corporate ladder. Eventually, Joe realizes he doesn't need to become someone else to earn his daughter's respect and win the heart of a co-worker....

Joe Somebody: Tony's Comments
Tim Allen is Joe Sheffer your regular everyday businessman who one day is humiliated and beat up in front of his young daughter when he confronts a bully who steals his parking space. Joe is determined to exact revenge and seeks out former kung fu movie star & karate trainer Chuck Scarett played by James Belushi. "Joe Somebody" is an entertaining old-fashioned comedy that could be described as "The Karate Kid" for middle-aged adults. The film is well acted and has a number of well-timed comedic moments. Julie Bowen (star of TV's Ed) is excellent as Tim Allen's love-interest. "Joe Somebody" has a message and it's a good one, things can be resolved without having to resort to violence. As the film develops Tim Allen's character evolves slowly and comes to understand that fighting is not the solution to his problem. "Joe Somebody" is a well-made family comedy that both adults and kids can enjoy.
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Joe Somebody
Joe Somebody
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