Full Name: Kirk Thomas Cameron
Date of Birth: 12th October 1970
Place of Birth: Panorama City, California, USA
Height: 5' 10"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark-brown
Parents: Robert and Barbara
Sisters: Candace, Bridgette & Melissa
Spouse: Chelsea Noble (1991 - present)
Children: 5 children
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Kirk Cameron
Fact File
* In 1985 Kirk Cameron won the role that made him famous, that of Mike Seaver, in the popular family sitcom "Growing Pains".

* Film roles quickly followed for Kirk. He starred in "The Best Of Times" (1986) with Robin Williams & Kurt Russell, the teen comedy "Like Father, Like Son" (1987) with Dudley Moore & Sean Astin and the teen drama "Listen To Me" (1989) with  Jami Gertz, Roy Scheider & Amanda Peterson.

* Kirk Cameron is the brother of "Full House" star Candace Cameron.  

* In 1991 Kirk married actress Chelsea Noble. It is interesting to note that Kirk met he wife on the set of his sister's TV show, "Full House".

* Kirk & his wife are the founders of Camp Firefly and The Firefly Foundation. The Foundation sponsors camping trips for terminally ill children & their families.

* In 1995 Kirk starred with wife Chelsea Noble in his own TV series titled "Kirk".

* Kirk & Chelsea have four adopted children, Jack (1996), Isabella (1997), Anna (1998), Luke (2000) and one biological daughter, Olivia Rose (2001).

* In 2000 Kirk reprised his role of Mike Seaver in the TV movie "Growing Pains The Movie".

* Also in 2000 Kirk starred with his wife Chelsea Noble in the drama thriller "Left Behind".

* In 2002 Kirk & his wife returned for the "Left Behind" sequel, "Tribulation Force: The Movie".
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Kirk Cameron - Biographical Information
Kirk Cameron: Selected Filmography

2002 - Tribulation Force: The Movie
2001 - The Miracle of the Cards (TV)
2000 - The Growing Pains Movie (TV)
2000 - Left Behind
1998 - You Lucky Dog (TV)
1995 - Kirk (TV Series)
1995 - The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (TV)
1994 - Star Struck (TV)
1991 - The Willies
1991 - A Little Piece of Heaven (TV)
1990 - The Secrets of the Back to the Future Trilogy (Host)
1989 - Listen to Me
1987 - Like Father, Like Son
1986 - The Best of Times
1985 - Growing Pains (TV Series)
1984 - Children in the Crossfire (TV)
1983 - Andrea's Story: A Hitchhiking Tragedy (TV)
1983 - More Than Murder (TV)
1983 - The Woman Who Willed a Miracle (TV)
1983 - Two Marriages (TV Series)
1983 - Starflight One (TV)
1982 - Beyond Witch Mountain (TV)
1981 - Bret Maverick: The Lazy Ace (TV)
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Kirk Cameron