Full Name: Mary Stuart Masterson
Date of Birth: 28th June 1966
Place of Birth: New York, USA
Father: Writer/director/actor, Peter Masterson
Mother: Actress, Carlin Glynn  
Brother: Peter Masterson
Sister: Alexandra Masterson
Spouse: Damon Santostefano (May 2000 - present)  
Signature Role:
Some Kind Of Wonderful (1987)
Mary Stuart Masterson
* Mary Stuart Masterson started acting at a very young age. Her first on-screen appearance (age 7) was with her father, Peter Masterson and Graduate's Katharine Ross, in the 1975 Sci-fi thriller "The Stepford Wives".

* In her youth Mary attended school in New York and appeared in a number of school plays.

* By the age of 15, Mary Stuart Masterson had won a role in a Broadway production of  "Alice In Wonderland".

* In 1980 Mary appeared with an all-star cast (David Janssen, Robert Vaughn, Mickey Rourke, Perry King) in the TV drama "City in Fear".

* It wasn't until 1985 that Mary Stuart Masterson won a starring role in a major Hollywood film, the teen comedy "Heaven Help Us"  (aka Catholic Boys). This film featured an all-star cast of popular teen actors including, Andrew McCarthy, Patrick Dempsey and Kevin Dillon (brother of Matt Dillon).

* In 1986 Mary Stuart Masterson starred alongside Sean Penn and Christopher Walken in the hard-hitting crime drama "At Close Range".

* In 1987 Mary Stuart Masterson hit the big time with her starring role as the tomboyish drummer in the romantic teen drama "Some Kind Of Wonderful". This is possibly Mary's best role and certainly the one she is most remembered for.

* After her outstanding performance in "Some Kind Of Wonderful", Mary gained recognition by being listed in "Screen World" as one of  "Twelve Promising New Actors of 1987".

* 1989 was a big year for Mary. She starred in two films opposite some of Hollywood's big stars "Immediate Family" (with James Woods & Glenn Close) and "Chances Are" (with Cybill Shepard, Ryan O'Neal & Robert Downey Jr). Mary's performance in "Immediate Family" won her a "National Board Of Review" award for "Best Supporting Actress".

* Throughout the 1990's Mary Stuart Masterson continued to appear in big-screen feature films, most notably, "Fried Green Tomatoes" (1991), "Benny And Joon" (1993), "Bad Girls" (1994), "Bed Of Roses" (1996) and "Digging To China" (1998).

* In 1997 Mary won a "Lone Star Film & Television Award" as "Best TV Actress" for her performance in "Lily Dale" (1996).

* In 2000 Mary married film and TV director Damon Santostefano.

* In the new millennium Mary has made a number of TV appearances, including, "Kate Brasher" (2001), "Three Blind Mice" (2001) & "Rush" (2002).

* In 2003 Mary Stuart Masterson will star with Joseph Fiennes, Elisabeth Shue & Dennis Hopper in the drama "Leopold Bloom".
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Mary Stuart Masterson - Biographical Information
Mary Stuart Masterson : Selected Filmography

2003 - Leopold Bloom
2002 - R.U.S./H. (TV Series)
2001 - West of Here  
2001 - Three Blind Mice (TV)
2001 - Kate Brasher (TV Series)
1999 - The Book of Stars
1999 - Black and Blue (TV)
1999 - The Florentine
1998 - Digging to China
1997 - Dogtown
1997 - The Postman (uncredited)
1997 - On the 2nd Day of Christmas (TV)
1996 - Lily Dale (TV)
1996 - Heaven's Prisoners
1996 - Bed of Roses
1994 - Radioland Murders
1994 - Bad Girls
1993 - The Last Party
1993 - Benny & Joon
1992 - Mad at the Moon
1991 - Fried Green Tomatoes
1991 - Married to It
1990 - Funny About Love
1989 - Immediate Family
1989 - Chances Are
1988 - Mr. North
1987 -
Some Kind of Wonderful
1987 - Gardens of Stone
1986 - At Close Range
1986 - My Little Girl
1985 - Love Lives On (TV)
1985 - Heaven Help Us (aka Catholic Boys)
1980 - City in Fear (TV)
1975 - The Stepford Wives
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Mary Stewart Masterson