"One Way Out" stars versatile character actor James Belushi in a story about a homicide detective with an out of control gambling habit.  When Belushi gets into debt to the owners of a hot nightspot called "The Tom Tom Club", he is made an offer he can't refuse, either pay up or carry out a special contract. To have his debt cancelled he must give John Farrow (80's teen star Jason Bateman) instructions on the best way to murder his wife. But things don't go as planned & Belushi is framed for the murder. Co-starring as Belushi's partner Gwen Buckley is Angela Featherstone an actress who has a remarkable resemblance to a young Sharon Stone.  "One Way Out" is a reasonably entertaining straight to video cop thriller that should please James Belushi fans.
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One Way Out
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TITLE : One Way Out
DIRECTOR : Sean Dwyer & Allan A. Goldstein  
STARRING : James Belushi, Jason Bateman, Angela Featherstone, Guylaine St-Onge, Jack Langedijk, Larry Day, Josh Kimmel, John Topor, Mike Tsar
TAGLINE: In Every Cop, There Is A Crime

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One Way Out
Angela Featherstone