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This quiz is for lovers of 1980's teen movies.  It consists of 10 True or False questions. Answer the questions on a piece of paper.  Click the Answer button at the bottom of the quiz to correct your work. Best of luck & have fun.
1. Mary Stuart Masterson played the female lead opposite Nicolas Cage in "Valley Girl" . T / F

2. "The Last American Virgin" was directed by John Hughes. T / F

3. Judge Reinhold did not play Jeff Spicoli in "Fast Times At Ridgemont High". T / F

4. Mathew Broderick starred opposite Demi Moore in "No Small Affair" . T / F

5. "Sex In The City" star Kim Cattrall played the role of Miss Honeywell in "Porky's" . T / F

6. Emilio Estevez did not star in "The Outsiders". T / F

7. Corey Haim played the role of "Mouth" in the teen adventure flick "The Goonies". T / F

8. Jennifer Jason Leigh's character falls pregnant in "Fast Times At Ridgemont High". T / F

9. Andrew McCarthy left the prom with Molly Ringwald in "Pretty In Pink". T / F

10. Tom Cruise made his film debut in "Risky Business" . T / F
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