Name: Richard Grieco
Date of Birth: 23th March 1965
Place of Birth: Watertown, New York, USA
Parents: Richard and Carolyn
Sisters: Elizabeth and Laura
Debut Film:
If Looks Could Kill (1991)
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Richard Grieco
Fact File
* Richard Grieco's father is Italian (Richard Sr.) and his mother (Carolyn) is Irish.

* During his youth Richard enjoyed sports, in particular hockey and athletics.  

* In a modelling compitition, Richard Grieco was once declared as being "one of the best faces of the 1980's".

* During the early 1980's Richard worked as a model for Elite, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein & Channel.

* In the mid-80's Richard decided to put modelling aside and concentrate on an acting career.

* During his early acting days in New York, Richard claimed that he lived in at least 22 different places over a four year period.

* In 1986 Richard Grieco made his first small-screen appearance as ski bum, Richard Garndner, in the TV show "One Life to Live".

* Richard continued to appear in small TV roles including, "Facts Of Life" & "Who's The Boss" with Tony Danza.

* Bigger and better TV roles came next for Richard including, the popular "21 Jump Street" & the spin off series "Booker".

* In 1991 Richard Grieco made his big-screen debut as a young James Bond-like secret agent in the action/comedy "If Looks Could Kill" (aka "Teen Agent").

* The gangster flick "Mobsters" (1991), with fellow teen stars Patrick Dempsey and Christian Slater was next on Richard Grieco's agenda.

* It was not long after his roles in "If Looks Could Kill" & "Mobsters" that Richard was awarded "The 1991 ShoWest Male Star of Tomorrow Award".

* Richard has musical talent and in 1995 he released the CD "Waiting For The Sky To Fall". The CD proved to be very succesful in Europe.

* Richard enjoys writing poetry and has published a book titled "Fragments From A Dirty Ashtray".

* Throughout the 90's Richard starred in a number of popular action/thriller TV movies including "A Vow To Kill" (1995), "It Was Him Or Us" (1995), and "Against The Law" (1997).

* In 1997 Richard spent 8 days in rehab as a result of a drinking problem.

* In 1998 Richard Grieco spoofed his own image by playing himself in a brief cameo for the "Saturday Night Live" inspired comedy film "A Night At The Roxbury".

* In 1999 Richard became a father. His son, Dylan Justice Sissons was born to model/actress Kimber Sissons.

* In 2001 Richard dated "Baywatch" actress Yasmine Bleeth.

* During his career Richard has lived not only in the U.S. but also in Germany and Italy. He is currently single and lives in Los Angeles.

* In 2002 Richard starred in "Samhain" a horror film shot on location in Canada.
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Richard Grieco - Biographical Information
1997 - Heaven or Vegas
1997 - The Journey: Absolution
1997 - Mutual Needs
1997 - When Time Expires(TV)
1995 - It Was Him or Us (TV)
1995 - The Demolitionist
1995 - A Vow to Kill (TV)
1995 - Marker (TV Series)
1994 - Bolt
1994 - Suspicious Agenda
1994 - The Fantastic Four (TV Series)
1994 - Sin & Redemption (TV)
1993 - Tomcat: Dangerous Desires
1993 - Born to Run (TV)
1991 - Mobsters (1991)
1991 -
If Looks Could Kill (aka Teen Agent)
1989 - Booker (TV Series)
1988 - 21 Jump Street" (TV Series)
1986 - One Life to Live (TV Series)
Richard Grieco: Selected Filmography

2002 - Samhain
2001 - Death, Deceit & Destiny Aboard the Orient Express
2001 - Fish Don't Blink
2001 - Manhattan Midnight
2001 - Sweet Revenge
2001 - Sexual Predator
2000 - Raging Silence
1999 - Final Payback
1999 - Point Doom
1999 - Vital Parts
1999 - Ultimate Deception (TV)
1998 - Blackheart
1998 - Captive (TV)
1998 - The Gardener
1998 - Michael Angel
1998 - A Night at the Roxbury
1998 - Sinbad: The Battle of the Dark Knights
1997 - Against the Law
1997 - Circuit Breaker
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Richard Grieco
Richard Grieco in If Looks Could Kill