"The In Crowd" is a teen thriller with a difference; instead of your typical madman killing off teens in the usual fashion we have a beautiful but disturbed young lady masquerading as the villainess, trying to pin the blame for her actions on somebody else. The story revolves around Adrien Williams (Lori Heuring) a young lady who has just been given a job at a posh country resort after being released from a psychiatric hospital.  Adrien is looking forward to a new start in life and hoping to put her troubled past behind her. The plot kicks in when she becomes involved with the so-called "In Crowd" led by the erratic Brittany Foster, played with dangerous conviction by Susan Ward. Grossing only $5.2 million and made on a budget of $15 million "The In Crowd" did not make a big splash at the US box office, but it is sure to gather a cult following on the video rental circuit and will most certainly please fans of the teen slasher genre.
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The In Crowd
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TITLE : The In Crowd
DIRECTOR : Mary Lambert  
STARRING : Susan Ward, Lori Heuring, Matthew Settle, Nathan Bexton, Ethan Erickson, Laurie Fortier,
Kim Murphy, Katharine Towne, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Tess Harper, Jay R. Ferguson, A.J. Buckley, Charlie Finn, Erinn Bartlett, Peter Mackenzie
* What would you do to get in?
* Sometimes, being popular can be murder!
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Above: The In Crowd pose for a photo just before the film's chilling finale.
The In Crowd(2000) VHS
The In Crowd (Spanish Subtitled Version)(2000) VHS
The In Crowd [DVD](2000) DVD
A troubled teenage girl is released from a mental hospital and, in an attempt to stay "clean and sober," gets a job at a posh country club. She is soon befriended by one of the spoiled rich kids whose families frequent the resort, but her new benefactor has some sinister--and possibly deadly--motives in this chilling suspenser. Lori Heuring, Susan Ward, Matthew Settle star. 105 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby 5.1; Subtitles: English, French; audio commentary by Heuring and Ward; deleted scenes; interviews; music only track; theatrical trailer; DVD-ROM content; scene access.

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The cast of The In Crowd
The In Crowd