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"The Last American Virgin" is Boaz Davidson's American remake of his famous Israeli teen sex comedy, the original "Lemon Popsicle". The main difference between the two films is that "The Last American Virgin" was made in the 1980's and set in the 1980's, whilst "Lemon Popsicle" was made in the late 1970's and set in the 1950's. Both films feature excellent soundtracks of their eras. "The Last American Virgin" contains music by a number of popular 1980's artists including, Blondie, The Cars, The Commodores, Devo, Quincy Jones, Journey, The Police, Reo Speedwagon, Tommy Tutone and U2.

"The Last American Virgin" starts off as your typical 1980's teen sex comedy with all the usual gags and hi-jinks but slowly turns into a compelling emotional drama with an unforgettable surprise ending. The film succeeds on many levels, outstanding direction, convincing natural performances, realistic locations, and a soundtrack that beautifully compliments the time period and emotional content of the story.

Unfortunately "The Last American Virgin" is not an easy film to get your hands on. It has never been re-released on video and any copies that are available for purchase are usually old ex-rentals. I was fortunate enough to get my VHS copy at a video store's closing down sale. It is an old, well-worn tape with fading picture colour and deteriorating sound, but I wouldn't swap it for anything. I can only hope that one day soon the film will be released on DVD and I believe that there are a lot of fans out there that feel the same way.

Teen's that saw "The Last American Virgin" on its original release in 1982 have never forgotten it and teens of today, that are fortunate enough to see it, can't help but join the growing fan base of devoted followers the world over. "The Last American Virgin" is an excellent film with a powerful, emotionally charged ending. The story is a magnificent blend of comedy and drama that depicts teens and their problems in a realistic and sensitive way. The film has touched hearts and played an important part in the lives of many people. It is compulsory viewing for all teen movie fans.
The Last
TITLE : The Last American Virgin
DIRECTOR : Boaz Davidson  
STARRING : Lawrence Monoson, Diane Franklin, Steve Antin, Joe Rubbo, Louisa Moritz, Brian Peck, Kimmy Robertson, Tessa Richarde, Winifred Freedman, Gerri Idol, Sandy Sprung, Paul Keith, Phil Rubenstein, Roberto Rodriquez, Blanche Rubin.

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"The Last American Virgin is without doubt a true 1980's teen classic, and one of the most powerful films about growing up ever made".
A memorable moment from Boaz Davidson's "The Last American Virgin", the popular remake of the Israeli teen comedy "Lemon Popsicle".
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The Last American Virgin [DVD](1982) DVD
Hilarious '80s teen romp centers on a group of friends on a frantic quest to lose their innocence. But when two of the pals go after the same girl, their friendship is put to the test. Lawrence Monoson, Diane Franklin, Steve Antin star; music by U2, The Police, Devo, Journey, The Cars and more. 93 min. Standard and Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital stereo, Dolby Digital Surround; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; theatrical trailer.

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