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Marlon Brando in
"The Wild One" the original bikie film & the first to focus on leather jackets, motor cycles & gangs.
Elvis Presley in
"King Creole" his 4th & last musical of the 1950's, completed just before he was drafted into the US army.
American icon James Dean in the classic film
" Rebel Without A Cause"
Hollywood Teen Movies
A Pictorial History
Teen Movies Of The 1950's
The fabulous Fabian was introduced to his adoring fans in  
"Hound Dog Man"
Glenn Ford & Vic Morrow in the controversial High School movie
"Blackboard Jungle" the first film to feature a Rock 'n' Roll soundtrack ( Played over the opening credit sequence ).
The beautiful Sandra Dee in the original beach film
Sandra Dee with Cliff Robertson & James Darren in a publicity still for the original "Gidget"
Legendary Teen Idol of the 1950's & king of Rock 'n' Roll
Elvis Presley
Sandra Dee & Troy Donahue star as the teenage lovers in the 1950's classic tale of teen love  
"A Summer Place"
Teen Idol & Heartthrob of the 1950's Matinee Movies
Tony Curtis
Walt Disney's wonderkid of the 1950's
Tommy Kirk
Elvis Presley & Judy Tyler in the 1950's musical classic
"Jailhouse Rock"
Elvis Presley gets caught kissing a fan in the semi- biographical  
"Loving You"
Original Movie Poster of the first Rock 'n' Roll Teen Musical
"Rock Around The Clock" featuring the music of Bill Haley & The Comets
Teen Heartthrob & singing sensation of the 1950's
Pat Boone
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Above: Elvis Presley in the 1950's smash hit teen musical "Loving You"
"Expresso Bongo" (1959) was one of the first movies to showcase Cliff Richard, Britain's alternative to Elvis Presley.
Teen Movie Quotes : 1950's / 1960's / 1970's / 1980's / 1990's / 2000+
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Marlon Brando is The Wild One
James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause
King Creole
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Fabian & Stuart Whitman
Glenn Ford & Vic Morrow
Gidget 1950's Surf Girl
The King
A Summer Place
Elvis Presley & Judy Tyler
Elvis Presley in Loving You
Rock Around The Clock
Tony Curtis
Pat Boone
Elvis Presley in Loving You
Cliff Richard in Expresso Bongo