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Teen Movies Of The 1960's
Annette Funicello, Frankie Avalon & Linda Evans in the ultimate Beach Party Movie "Beach Blanket Bingo"
Deborah Walley, James Darren & Michael Callan in a publicity still for the second Gidget Movie "Gidget Goes Hawaiian"
Elvis Presley in the charming musical comedy "Follow That Dream"
Deborah Walley ( Gidget ), & James Darren ( Moondoggie ) in the very popular "Gidget Goes Hawaiian"
"Fireball 500" fans got two Teen Idols for the price of one. Frankie Avalon & Fabian team up with 60's Teen Queen Annette Funicello in this popular racing car flick.
Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello in the film that started the popular beach series, the original
"Beach Party".
1960's Teen Idol
& heartthrob
& star of the 1964 classic teen beach flick
"Ride The Wild Surf"
"The Fabulous Fabian"
Right: Cliff Richard, Britain's answer to Elvis Presley, in the blockbuster, foot stomping musical
"The Young Ones"
When The Beatles hit the scene in the mid 60's with "A Hard Day's Night" teen music & hairstyles changed forever. The world would never be the same again.
Elvis Presley & Ann-Margaret are musical dynamite in
" Viva Las Vegas"
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Above: The British teen musical "Summer Holiday" staring Cliff Richard
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Beach Blanket Bingo
Gidget Goes Hawaiian
Elvis Presley in Follow That Dream
Deborah Walley (Gidget) & James Darren (Moondoggie)
Fabian, Annette & Frankie in Fireball 500
Frankie & Annette in Beach Party
Cliff Richard in The Young Ones
A Hard Day's Night
Elvis & Ann-Margret
Summer Holiday