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Ballad Of A Gunfighter
TITLE : Ballad Of A Gunfighter
: 1964
DIRECTOR : Bill Ward
STARRING : Marty Robbins, Joyce Redd, Robert Barron, Nestor Paiva, Michael Davis, Laurette Luez, Charlie Aldrich, Paul McDonald, Claudia Aldrich, Cynthia Goodwins, Gene Davis, Tom Cloud, Rick Arnold, Chuck Balis.

* He was an outlaw with a price on his head ...She was an outcast with a price!
* Marty Robbins...He Rides...He Fights...He Loves...He Sings..In The First Truly Different Western.
* A New New New Brand Of Entertainment.
Popular Country and western singer Marty Robbins straps on his six-guns for this campy cult western classic,  "Ballad Of A Gunfighter". It is interesting to note that Marty Robbins plays Marty Robbins, a former confederate soldier who has now become a lone gunman who robs stagecoaches so that he can give the money to the poor people of a local town. It is not long before Marty runs into a gang of crooks who don't have the same good intentions as he does. This film is unique among westerns and its ending is certainly unlike any other. Marty's conflict over money and a woman with the leader of a gang of ruthless robbers leads to a final showdown in the town of "El Paso".  The finale is beautifully photographed and the story unfolds without a word spoken to the sound of Marty singing his famous ballad.  A rarity among westerns and certainly well worth a look at if you're a die-hard western fan or a Marty Robbins admirer.
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Ballad of a Gunfighter
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Ballad Of A Gunfighter