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At the start of 2002 "Hollywood Teen Movies" began displaying, on the Homepage, a "Cult Movie Of The Month". These films have been specially selected to grace the front page, as we believe they deserve special attention from visitors. It could be an old favorite, a new blockbuster, a cult classic or a rare gem. For example, the "Cult Movie Of The Month" for June 2002 was the Kung Fu extravaganza "Enter The Dragon"; starring legendary martial arts master Bruce Lee. "Enter The Dragon" had been selected because it was a landmark film in its day and it is the Kung Fu movie by which all others are measured. "Enter The Dragon" is the perfect "Cult Movie Of The Month" because it has a worldwide fan base that continues to grow with each new generation of film watchers. The following Cult Movies have all had that special distinction of being selected, for one reason or another, as "Hollywood Teen Movies: Cult Movie Of The Month".
We are now giving visitors the opportunity to nominate their "Cult Movie Of The Month". If you would like to see a favorite Cult Movie of yours have the prestigious honor of being selected as "Cult Movie Of The Month" please send an email to Tony with your choice. Whether the film is selected or not will depend on which films receive the highest number of nominations. Send your "Cult Movie Of The Month" nomination to:  hollywoodteenmovies@hotmail.com
Note: Due to the lack of time and space "Cult Movie Of The Month" archives have not been kept after 2004.
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