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From the pen of John Hughes comes "Career Opportunites", a romantic teen comedy set to the backdrop of a Target Superstore. Frank Whaley stars as Jim Dodge, the town liar, complete with Elvis Presley hair do, who after getting kicked out of numerous jobs, lands himself a new job as a "night clean-up boy" at a Target store. Frank plays the type of role that would of made Ferris Bueller proud as he talks to the camera and avoids responsibility at all costs. John Hughes favourite John Candy makes an uncredited cameo appearance as C.D Marsh the manger of the Target store while William Forsythe is hilarious as the store's custodian who gives Whaley a quick run through on his janitor duties. Jennifer Connelly stars as the poor little rich girl who wanders around the film in a figure hugging white tank top. Connelly and Whaley look good on screen together and their heart-felt talks during the middle-part of the film remind us all of "The Breakfast Club" classroom discussions. "Career Opportunities" has a bouncy pop music score that features numerous montages of Whaley cleaning up the store in different states of dress. "Career Opportunities" moves into "Home Alone" territory in the final act, with real-life brothers Dermot and Kieran Mulroney playing two bumbling hoods that decide to rob the Target store. With its short running time of 83 minutes, complete with quick wrap up ending "Career Opportunities" is not without its faults but for any fan of John Hughes teen comedies this film can not go unnoticed and is a worthy addition to any collection. "Career Opportunities" is enjoyable lightweight teen entertainment.
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"Career Opportunities" on DVD:
TITLE : Career Opportunities
DIRECTOR : Bryan Gordon  
STARRING : Frank Whaley, Jennifer Connelly, Dermot Mulroney, Kieran Mulroney, John M. Jackson, Jenny O'Hara, Barry Corbin, William Forsythe, Noble Willingham, Nada Despotovich, Reid Binion.
* Maximum Comedy At Minimum Wage!
* He took the job that no one wanted...and got the girl that everyone did.
Alternative Title: One Wild Night
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Many fans have been looking for the "Career Opportunities" soundtrack. Unfortunately it is currently unavailable to buy new. The good news however is that one of the most popular songs from the movie is now available to buy. The catchy song titled "Nothing On My Mind" which was never featured on the film's original soundtrack album anyway is now available to buy on CD. The song is featured on the album "Goddess" by Soho. Fans of the film are sure to remember the song as it is played on one of the film's standout scenes that takes place just after Jennifer Connelly puts a cassette in a tape player and presses play. The two lead characters dance to the music in the Target store. This lost song is the one that all "Career Opportunities" fans love & remember. For purchasing details and more information on the album featuring this bouncy pop tune click the text link at left.
"Nothing On My Mind"
the lost song from the movie
"Career Opportunities":
Another lost song not included on the "Career Opportunities" soundtrack is "Where Are You Baby" by Betty Boo. The song is played on the sequence when Frank Whaley roller skates around the store. The song is featured as the first track of the Betty Boo CD "Doin' the Do: The Very Best of Betty Boo".  This is another lost song that all "Career Opportunities" fans love & remember. For purchasing details and more information on the album featuring this classic pop tune that was a big hit in many parts of the world, click the text link at right.
"Where Are You Baby"
the other lost song from the movie
"Career Opportunities":
Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Connelly
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Career Opportunities [DVD](1991) DVD
John Hughes wrote and produced this comedy about a young man who takes a job as a department store custodian and gets locked in his first night on the job. He soon discovers that the town beauty has been locked in, too, and the two go on a storewide romp before two crooks arrive on the scene. Frank Whaley, Jennifer Connelly and William Forsythe star. 83 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English 2.0; Subtitles: French, Spanish; production notes; web links; scene access.

Goddess by Soho
Jennifer Connelly
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Doin' the Do: The Very Best of Betty Boo
Jennifer Connelly
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Jennifer Connelly
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Jennifer & Frank in Career Opportunities