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Dirty Dancing (1987)

Dirty Dancing
Dirty Dancing
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In A Nutshell: "A perfect blend of dance, romance & music
makes this the ultimate crowd-pleaser". - Tony Pichaloff

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Swayze & Grey dance the night away

Film Facts

Year of Release: 1987
Genre: Musical
Rating: PG-13 for adult themes
Director: Emile Ardolino
Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, Cynthia Rhodes, Jerry Orbach, Jack Weston, Kelly Bishop, Jane Brucker

Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey

Taglines & Release Dates

* Have The Time Of Your Life.
* First dance. First love. The time of your life.
* Dancing to the beat of their hearts.

Release Dates:
21st August 1987 (USA)
16th October 1987 (UK)
7th January 1988 (Australia)

Dirty Dancing
Dirty Dancing
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Tony's Comments (2001)

Dirty Dancing is an appealing dance musical with a strong love story. The film takes place in a resort hotel in the early 1960's. Jennifer Grey plays Baby Houseman the innocent teenage daughter of a wealthy doctor & Patrick Swayze stars as the dynamic Johnny Castle the working-class hotel dance instructor who she falls madly in love with.

The film features some energetic dance sequences & has a spectacular soundtrack as a backdrop. Swayze is a dancer in real life & this film gave him the opportunity to put those hot dance moves to good use. This was his star-making performance & for many years after he was a household name. Dancer turned actress Cynthia Rhodes is also very good in her small role, especially in the opening mambo dance sequence with heart-throb Swayze. They are electrifying together.

The film's climactic dance sequence featuring Swayze & Grey is anything short of spectacular & makes you want to jump out of your seat & start dancing yourself or simply sit there with a big goofy smile on your face wishing that you could dance like that. It has that feel-good quality that makes you want to watch it again & again.

"Dirty Dancing" was the surprise box office smash of 1987 & deservedly won the Academy Award for Best Song In A Motion Picture, "I've had the time of my life" perfomed by Warnes & Medly. The film was so popular around the world that it resulted in the production of a TV series starring a different cast.

"Dirty Dancing" remains a favourite film for many people & is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. It is the perfect example of what a dance musical should be.

Dirty Dancing
Dirty Dancing
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Dirty Dancing DVD Synopsis

Dancing to the beat of their hearts, Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey star in this electrifying and sensual film. It's summer, 1963. Baby, 17 years old and all idealistic innocence, is vacationing with her parents in the Catskills. She meets Johnny, the hotel dance instructor, and is mesmerized by him as well as his dance style. She soon becomes Johnny's prize pupil - in dance and in love.

Dirty Dancing Gallery

Swayze, Grey & Rhodes Swayze & Grey splashdown

Dirty Dancing on Blu-ray & DVD

Dirty Dancing (Limited Keepsake Edition) (1987) [Blu-ray]
A teenage girl on vacation with her parents in a Catskills resort in 1963 learns about love in the hands of a handsome dance instructor in this sensual, music-filled drama. Jennifer Grey is the sheltered teen, Patrick Swayze the stud with the moves; with Cynthia Rhodes, Jerry Orbach. 105 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English DTS HD 7.1, DTS HD 5.1 Master Audio; Subtitles: English, Spanish; featurettes; audio commentary; interviews; music videos; theatrical trailers; trivia; deleted scenes; alternate scenes; extended scenes; outtakes; photo gallery; book; more. Two-disc set.

Dirty Dancing (20th Anniversary Edition) (1987) [Blu-ray]
Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English DD-EX 5.1, PCM 6.1; Subtitles: English, Spanish; alternate scenes; audio commentary; deleted scenes; extended scenes; featurettes; interviews; music videos; outtakes; screen tests; theatrical trailers; trivia.

Dirty Dancing (1987) [DVD]
Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby DTS 6.1 ES, Dolby Digital 5.1 EX, Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: English, Spanish; audio commentary; trivia; more.

Dirty Dancing
Dirty Dancing
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Dirty Dancing Sequel & Aerobics on DVD

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004) [DVD]
Sizzling, in-name-only prequel to the 1987 smash centers on an upper-crust American teen (Romola Garai) who arrives in Cuba just as Castro is about to seize control. Defying her family's wishes, she enters a respected national dance contest with a charming local waiter (Diego Luna). But with revolution on the horizon, will the forbidden lovers be torn apart forever? Sela Ward, Jonathan Jackson, and Mya co-star. 105 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: English, Spanish; audio commentary; interviews; featurettes; music videos; deleted scenes; theatrical trailers.
Dirty Dancing/Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights Two-Pack [DVD]
Dirty Dancing Official Dance Workout (2008) [DVD]
73 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo.

Dirty Dancing Original Soundtracks

More Dirty Dancing Soundtracks


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