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John Hughes
Teen Movie Directors
& Their Movies

Legendary director of some of the 1980's most popular teen comedies such as "Sixteen Candles", "The Breakfast Club", "Weird Science", & "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".
This page is dedicated to those directors who have made their mark in teen movies at some point in time during the last 50 years. For each director that is featured on this page there is a poster link ( that will take you to Hollywood Teen Movies' special presentation of that movie ) and a text link ( that will give you the director's complete list of films that are available for sale on Video and DVD ). Each film that is featured on a director's list consists of  a brief synopsis and cast details.

Bob Clark
The man responsible for the teen sex comedies "Porky's" & "Porky's II: The Next Day". Bob Clark also directed the Judd Nelson courtroom comedy "From The Hip".

Howard Deutch
Dierctor of two of the most famous teen movies of the 1980's, the Molly Ringwald classic "Pretty In Pink" & the Mary Stewart Masterson gem "Some Kind Of Wonderful".

Francis Ford Coppola
A-list Hollywood director, who is best remembered for The Godfather, also had time to churn out a couple of 80's teen classics such as "The Outsiders" & "Rumble Fish".

Joel Schumacher
Director of The Brat Pack classic "St. Elmo's Fire" & the teen vampire flick "The Lost Boys".

Alan Metter
Made two teen favorites, "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" with Sarah Jessica Parker & one of 1986's highest grossing comedies "Back To School".

Robert Iscove
Made the 90's sleeper hit "She's All That" & the teen comedy "Boys & Girls" both starring Freddie Prinze Jr.

Raja Gosnell
Director of "Scooby-Doo", "Home Alone 3" & "Never Been Kissed".

The man responsible for the famous 1960's "Gidget" film series.

The director of the James Dean classic "Rebel Without A Cause".
Nicholas Ray

Sidney J. Furie
Responsible for numerous teen orientated fare such as "The Young Ones" & "Wonderful Life" with Cliff Richard, the 80's teen actioner "Iron Eagle" & the Alicia Silverstone band film "Rock My World".

Delmer Daves

Legendary Hollywood director who was the creative force behind many of the Elvis films & Beach films of the 1960's.
Norman Taurog
Directed two classic romantic teen dramas "A Summer Place" with Troy Donahue & Sandra Dee & "Parrish" with Troy Donahue & Connie Stevens.

William Asher
Directed many of the famous 1960's Beach films including the original "Beach Party" and the most famous of them all "Beach Blanket Bingo".

Boaz Davidson
The man who started the "Lemon Popsicle" craze & later directed what would become one of the most popular teen films of all-time "The Last American Virgin".

Amy Heckerling
Female director of the 1980's cult classic "Fast Times At Ridgemont High". Later made the Alicia Silverstone gem "Clueless" & the Jason Biggs teen comedy "Loser".

Randal Kleiser
A Director who needs no introduction. The man who made "Grease", arguably the greatest musical ever made. He also directed the teen romance dramas "The Blue Lagoon" "Summer Lovers" & "Grandview USA".

Jack Arnold
Master of 50's & 60's teen sci-fi adventures, such as "Tarantula", "It Came From Outer Space", "Creature From The Black Lagoon", "Monster On The Campus". Also directed the teen classic "High School Confidential".
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