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Updates 2013

20th January 2013: Hollywood Teen Movies presents the Top 10 Teen Movies of the New Millennium. Find out what the Ten best teen movies from 2000 to 2012 are in this exclusive countdown. All your favorites such as Mean Girls, The Hunger Games, Footloose, Napoleon Dynamite & more are showcased. View video here.

7th January 2013: Step back in time with Daniel Larusso & Mr. Miyagi with the movie trailer for the 1984 teen classic "The Karate Kid".

1st January 2013: Happy New Year to everyone! 2013 looks set to be an exciting chapter for Hollywood Teen Movies. Stay tuned for updates.

Updates 2012

25th December 2012: Seasons Greetings & Merry Christmas to all. Don't forget to check out our festive season videos now playing on our Youtube Channel.

3rd December 2012: Here's another 2012 wrap-up video showcasing why teen stars are always a heartbeat on the run. In this exclusive countdown video we name the "Top 10 Teen Stars of 2012". To find out who were the faces of the year, click here.

30th Novmeber 2012: As we approach the year's end we thought it was time to unleash our 2012 recap video. That's right, find out why teen movies are always a good time in our exclusive "Teen Movies 2012 Year In Review" video feeaturing 12 of the hottest flicks such as "The Hunger Games", "Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2", "Fun Size", "Step Up Revolution" & more. View video here.

30th June 2012: Sit back and enjoy the fun in the sun with these hotter than hot Sand & Surf Movie Marathon videos, capturing the playful spirit of teen beachgoers everywhere. Video 1: "Teens At The Beach - Catch a Ride" features classic movies, cult movies, surf spectaculars & everything in-bikini. Video 2: "California Sun - Teens At The Beach" is a wet and wild musical trip into the California Sun of the teen beach movie.

28th June 2012: Here's another exclusive video bringing to life the look & feel of "Teens of the 80s". The fashions, the movies & all your favorite stars and starlets from the era are on show. View video here.

27th June 2012: The Brat Pack plus all your favorite teen stars of the 1980s are on show in this entertaining singalong video titled "On The Loose" featuring many candid shots, rarities & party pics. A must watch for any 1980s fan. View the video here.

18th March 2012: Hollywood Teen Movies presents "Cover Girl", an exclusive video featuring a selection of the hottest teen starlets to ever grace the covers of teen magazines around the world. View the video here.

17th March 2012: Like bikes, check out our exclusive "Boys on Bikes" & "Girls on Bikes" Youtube videos. They are a real blast!

3rd March 2012: If you are a teen movie fan & a budding writer check out our "HTM Contributors Club" - full article on the homepage. Also, all the movies in the teen sub-areas of our site have been updated - including, "Teen Musicals & Dance Classics", "Teen Action & Adevnture", "Teen Slasher Flicks & Thrillers" & "Walt Disney Classics". All these categories can be found on the side menu.

2nd March 2012: The Scream Trilogy pages have been updated, plus a new page has been added for Scream 4. To view our Scream pages pick a number - Scream 1, 2, 3, 4.

1st March 2012: "Project X" has just hit cinemas everywhere. For Tony's Review - visit the feature page here.

29th February 2012: Jennifer Lawrence is featured in this month's Actors Showcase to view her feature page click here.

27th February 2012: Extensive maintenance on key areas of the site continues. All teen movie pages from the 1950s to the present have been updated. Many films that were once only available on VHS are now available to own on DVD, while numerous titles have even made the jump from DVD to Blu-ray. Hope you enjoy the updates.

23rd February 2012: A new feature article on 1980s actress Jennifer Runyon has been added to the site.

18th February 2012: Live in Sydney Australia? - why not attend the "I Love Retro Event" at the Hayden Orpheum this March. For more details visit our feature page.

12th February 2012: Maintenance on key areas of the site has begun.

11th February 2012: Check out our fantastic new pre-release feature pages on "The Amazing Spider-Man" & "American Reunion".

10th February 2012: 2 Millennium teen movie feature pages have been updated, "Not Another Teen Movie" & "Gossip"

8th February 2012: 3 Millennium teen movie feature pages have been updated, "Saving Silverman", "Mad About Mambo" & "Sorority Boys".

7th February 2012: Three 1980s teen classics now have their own feature pages - the football flick "All The Right Moves" starring Tom Cruise, Josh Brolin's skateboarding classic "Thrashin" & Val Kilmer's wacky fantasy "Real Genius".

6th February 2012: Check out our "Chronicle" feature page, the new teen superpowers flick now showing in cinemas everywhere.

5th February 2012: A Feature page on the 1990s Vampire comedy "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" has been added.

4th February: The following pages have been updated "Dirty Dancing", "Reckless", "Easy A", "Fired Up", "Pump Up The Volume" & "Empire Records".

31st January 2012: A Feature page on the 1980s fairytale classic "The Princess Bride" has been added.

30th January 2012: Feature pages on "Monte Carlo" & "The Darkest Hour" have been added. Also, "Legally Blonde" & "Ice Princess" have been updated. Find them on the teen movies of the new millennium menu.

28th January 2012: 3 Millennium Teen Movies have been updated: "Bootmen", "Crazy/Beautiful" & "Final Destination". Find them on the teen movies of the new millennium menu.

27th January 2012: 6 Millennium Teen Movies have been updated: "Sugar & Spice", "The Skulls", "Scary Movie", "Boys & Girls", "Cut" & "Centre Stage". Find them on the teen movies of the new millennium menu.

26th January 2012: 4 Millennium Teen Movies have been updated: "Adventureland", "Bandslam", "Tomcats" & "Bend It Like Beckham". Find them on the teen movies of the new millennium menu.

25th January 2012: Finally after all these years "The Legend Of Billie Jean" has made it on DVD. Click here to visit our Feature Page.

24th January 2012: As the highly anticipated Twilight sequel makes its way to Blu-ray & DVD, check out our feature page on "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1". Also, its time to hit the highways with our retro feature page on "Coupe de Ville", a 1990 Patrick Dempsey gem that has just made its way to DVD.

23rd January 2012: Now in cinemas, discover our feature page on the new Charlize Theron dramedy "Young Adult". After all these years, the 1980s Retro teen movie "Up The Creek" has finally made it to DVD - check out our feature page here. Also, just hitting Blu-ray & DVD is Taylor Lautner's new teen thriller "Abduction", check out our exciting new feature page.

21st January 2012: Check out our feature page on the 2011 dance flick "Footloose". Plus drop in & see our new "Teen Stars Of The New Millennium" page.

20th January 2012: Stars Josh Hutcherson, Vanessa Hudgens & Dwayne Johnson explode onto the screen in Disney's eyepopping 3-D extravaganza, "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island". Click here for our feature page.

19th January 2012: We have just added an exciting new feature page & an exclusive new video titled, "Who is Katniss?" for the futuristic teen flick "The Hunger Games". Also, "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" & "The Outsiders" pages have been updated.

18th January 2012: Our pages on 5 classic John Hughes flicks from the 1980s have been given the update treatment. Go to the Teen Movies Of The 1980s menu page to access the 5 films (16 Candles / Breakfast Club / Pretty In Pink / Ferris Bueller & Weird Science).

17th January 2012: Hollywood Teen Movies now has an "Exclusive Video" page. At this stage there are 21 exciting videos to choose from with many more in the pipeline. Run in conjunction with our new YouTube channel, the videos feature all your favorite teen movies and teen stars throughout the decades. You can visit the video page here.

Updates 2011

1st December: Hollywood Teen Movies celebrates 10 amazing years online with the release of their 1st ever teen movie book titled "Hollywood Teen Movies 80 From The 80s". Read all about it on our Feature Page or email for purchasing details. Want a quick sneak peak at the book check out our Exclusive promo videos below:


9th February: The 2010 Miley Cyrus tearjerker "The Last Song" has been added. Plus the raunchy 1980s venice beach teen sex comedy "Hot Moves" has been added.

8th February: Two Rob Lowe classics from the 1980s have been added "Oxford Blues" & "Youngblood". Plus the lost 1990s gem, "Crossing The Bridge" starring Josh Charles & Jason Gedrick has been added.

7th February: Two Alyson Michalka teen flicks 2009s "Bandslam" and the current 2011 box office hit "The Roommate" have been added. Plus the nostalgic 2009 teen fun-park flick "Adventureland" has hit the site.

6th February: Two 1980s classics starring party boy Charlie Sheen have been added to the site. The teen military thriller "Red Dawn" and the groovy supernatural car classic "The Wraith". Plus, the old-school record store returns with a page on the funky 1990s cult classic "Empire Records" starring Liv Tyler and Renee Zellweger.

5th February: Millennium hilarity hits the site with a page on the cheerleader comedy "Fired Up". Plus, the 1980s classic "Wisdom" starring Emilio Estevez and Demi Moore has been added.

3rd Feb 2011: The 2010 Emma Stone favorite "Easy A" has been added to the site.

2nd Feb 2011: The 1984 classic "Reckless" starring Aidan Quinn & Daryl Hannah has been added to the site.

Updates (2009 - 2010)

During this period most of our work took place "behind the scenes" with the development of our other movie related websites and also the writing of our first book "Hollywood Teen Movies 80 From The 80s".

Updates (2008)

15th July 2008: Two Keanu Reeves teen movie favorites, the 1989 classic "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" and the groovy 1991 sequel "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey" have been added to the site. In the words of Bill & Ted, Party on Dudes!

12th July 2008: A new look, freshly updated A to Z Movie Search has been introduced, now including links to all the movie reviews at our sister site Pick Of The Flicks. Just Click A to Z to use our new navigation tool.

10th July 2008: To co-inside with the release of "The Dark Knight", Hollywood Teen Movies presents a tribute page to Heath Ledger.

9th July 2008: A special page on the History of Teen Movies has been added to the site. Also, the Mickey Rooney / Judy Garland 1930s teen movie classic "Love Finds Andy Hardy" has been added.

8th July 2008: Hollywood Teen Movies was chosen as "Site Of The Week" by American Movie Classics. Click here for the full article. Also, the original UNCUT Interview that the article was based on has also been added to the website in another exclusive feature. To read the Interview click UNCUT..

7th July 2008: 2 new feature pages have been added, one for the 1980s Matt Dillon gem "Tex" and also a page on the 1988 Molly Ringwald teen pregnancy flick "For Keeps".

6th July 2008: A feature page on the 1990s Christian Slater cult classic "Pump Up The Volume" has been added.

4th July 2008: 2 new feature pages have been added, one for the 1980 Brooke Shields classic "The Blue Lagoon" and also a page on the 1991 sequel "Return To The Blue Lagoon".

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