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TITLE : Encino Man
: 1992
DIRECTOR : Les Mayfield  
STARRING : Sean Astin, Brendan Fraser, Pauly Shore, Megan Ward, Robin Tunney, Michael DeLuise, Patrick Van Horn, Jonathan Ke Quan, Richard Masur.
* Where The Stone Age Meets The Rock Age!
* A chillin' new comedy in full Neandervision.
"Encino Man" Video Synopsis:
"Encino Man" shows just how hilariously out-of-control things can get when the Stone Age meets the rock age head-on! The fun kicks off when two high school buddies dig up a frozen caveman in their backyard! Once the living fossil thaws out, the friends figure he's their ticket to being cool. But the plan backfires when the newcomer turns everyday life upside down, generating pre-hysterical craziness wherever he roams! If you liked "Wayne's World", you're going to love the totally irreverent, totally awesome comedy "Encino Man".

"Encino Man" Tony's Comments
Brendan Fraser stars as the "Encino Man" of the title, in the film role that made him famous. Brendan would go on to star in similar themed fish out of water films such as "George Of The Jungle" (1997) and "Blast From The Past (1999). These types of roles become something of a forte for Fraser, with him using a starry-eyed approach and innocent child-like gaze of a young man in a strange land. Sean Astin the child-star of "The Goonies" plays the high school boy who discovers Fraser frozen in his backyard. "Encino Man" also started the ball rolling for comedian Pauly Shore who would become a star in a string of crazy comdies throughout the 90's, including, "Son In Law" (1993), "In The Army Now" (1994), "Jury-Duty" (1995) and "Bio-Dome" (1996). None of Pauly's films were critically acclaimed but there is an audience for his band of humour.  It is interesting to note that for "Encino Man", Pauly Shore won the Razzie Award for worst new star needless to say this honour did not affect his career. Teen audiences loved "Encino Man" & the film grossed over $40 million at the American box office. Today, the film is still popular with the new generation of teens as they discover it on cable television & video. "Encino Man" is also known in some parts of the world as "California Man".
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Film Synopsis & Tony's Comments:
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Brendan Fraser
Brendan Fraser
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Encino Man [DVD](1992) DVD
Two unpopular California high school kids uncover a prehistoric teenager in their backyard, then try to teach him the ways of the world--from eating junk food to finding a cool babe to dressing hip. Sean Astin, Pauly Shore and Brendan Fraser star in this humorous and charming outing. 88 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: English Dolby Surround, French; theatrical trailer; "making of" featurette.

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Encino Man