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Kate Hudson
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Actress Profile:
This page was last updated February 12th 2003
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Kate Garry Hudson

19 April 1979

Los Angeles, California, USA

: Katie

: 5' 6"

Chris Robinson
(December 2000 - present)  

* Daughter of Musician Bill Hudson & famous Hollywood actress Goldie Hawn.

* Raised by step-father & famous actor Kurt Russell.

* Kate has never been particularly close to her birth father, Bill Hudson & considers her true "Dad" to be Hawn's longtime partner, Kurt Russell, who has lived with the family since she was three.

* Kate has three brothers: Boston, Oliver, and Wyatt.

* Kate once said that as children, her brother Oliver used to torment her by nicknaming her "Hammerhead" as in hammerhead shark.

* Kate Hudson was a born performer, as a child she danced and sang at every opportunity.

* In 1997 she graduated from Crossroads, a Santa Monica performing arts school.

* Her family hoped that she would attend New York University after graduating from high school, but Kate decided to go straight into acting.

* In 1998 Kate made her big-screen debut as an ambitious young starlet stranded in a tiny California town in the film "Desert Blue".

* Kate's next two films were "200 Cigarettes" (1999) & "Gossip" (2000). Both films were only moderately successful but they were the stepping stones to further success.

* Hudson's biggest break was when she won the role of rock band groupie Penny Lane in Cameron Crowe's "Almost Famous" (2000). This film was a huge success & she was nominated for an Academy Award.

* Kate married "Black Crowes" frontman Chris Robinson in December 2000.

* In 2000 Kate was named one of the '50 Most Beautiful People in the World' by People Magazine.

* It was rumored that Kate turned down the part of Peter Parker's girlfriend Mary Jane Watson in the new "Spider-Man" Movie.  Instead she took on the role of Ethne Eustace in the big budget romantic adventure drama "The Four Feathers" opposite Australia's Heath Ledger.

* Kate's career is now well established & continues to move forward. It seems almost certain that she will have a successful film career like her mother.
                                  SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY :

                                  * 2003 - Alex And Emma
                                  * 2003 - Le Divorce
                                  * 2003 - How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
                                  * 2002 - The Four Feathers
                                  * 2001 - The Cutting Room
                                  * 2000 - Dr. T & the Women
                                  * 2000 - Almost Famous
                                  * 2000 - Gossip
                                  * 2000 - About Adam
                                  * 1999 - 200 Cigarettes
                                  * 1998 - Ricochet River
                                  * 1998 - Desert Blue
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Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson
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200 Cigarettes Soundtrack
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