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is proud to present its 1st Newsletter
2002 - Issue 1
1. Tony’s Editorial                    
- Interesting chatter relating to teen movies, actors, actresses and general matters.

2. The Website                                      
- A behind the scenes look at "Hollywood Teen Movies".

3. Search Queries                              
- Find out what visitors are looking for at “Hollywood Teen Movies”. What are the most searched for teen movies and who are the most searched for teen stars.

4. Teen Movie News & Views                
- What's happening in the world of teen movies and teen stars.
5. What’s Hot On DVD                    
- The availability of teen movies for purchase on DVD, both new and old.

6.  Soundtracks A-Go-Go                          
- A look at some of the most popular teen movie soundtracks.

7. Book Corner                                                  
The best teen related reading material on the market.

8. From The Vault                              
- A selection of forgotten teen movies, those rare, campy, cult, gems that deserve special mention.

9. Teen Movie Classic                              
- A nostalgic look back on a teen movie from the golden years of cinema.

10. 80’s Retro Flick                                              
- An in depth feature on a teen movie favorite from the totally awesome 80's.

11. Teen Movie Quotes                              
- A selection of memorable quotes from the 1950’s to the New Millennium.

12. Top 10 List                                                      
- A special list featuring a different topic each issue. This issue we list the "Top 10 Teen Movies of The New Millennium".

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1. This first Newsletter is experimental, in that, it will only continue to be printed if fans enjoy reading the content and we receive positive feedback. It is unfortunate, and with regret, that we have to charge for the Newsletter but due to website running costs, the printing of the Newsletter and international shipping charges we have no alternative. We apologise for any inconvenience.

2. The "Hollywood Teen Movies Newsletter" can be shipped to any country in the world. Payment for the Newsletter can be made by credit card through "PayPal". Proceeds from the newsletter will help keep "Hollywood Teen Movies" in operation. If you would like a newsletter posted out to you please use the PayPal icon below to make payment. For further information please feel free to email me at hollywoodteenmovies@hotmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Newsletter Contents This Issue:
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