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This page was last updated October 2nd 2002
TITLE : Reign Of Fire
DIRECTOR : Rob Bowman

: Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale, Izabella Scorupco, Gerard Butler, Scott Moutter, David Kennedy, Alexander Siddig, Ned Dennehy.

* Fight Fire With Fire
* The Battle Ignites July 12th
* It was a beautiful day... until the reign came.
* They're extremely intelligent. Highly evolved. And they don't like sharing the planet.
Neither fanatical terrorists nor plummeting meteors will destroy the world according to Reign of Fire. It will be long dormant, fire-breathing dragons!

Rob Bowman, the director of The X Files gives us a post-apocalyptic future London, charred by these hotheaded beasts that have driven humankind into hiding in a dreary landscape scorched of all its colour.

Fifteen years earlier, Quinn (Christian Bale) was there when the first one emerged - inadvertently awakened by his construction engineer mother (Alice Krige). Now, in a fortified castle outside London, he is the leader and protector of a group of survivors, with his right-hand man, Dave Creedy (Gerard Butler).

Life changes for the community with the arrival of Denton Van Zan (Matthew McConaughey), a brash and sometimes reckless American who, with his army, plans to wipe out the creatures and rebuild the human race. Acting as the voice of reason and knowledge is Alex Jenson (Izabella Scorupco), a helicopter pilot, scientist and member of Van Zan’s team that also comprises a group of sky divers know as the Archangels who carry out unique - if not suicidal - missions to capture and kill the beasts.

But to truly end the dragons’ rule, it will be necessary for Quinn to return to the place where it all began. With Van Zan and Alex, he embarks on a do-or-die mission to London, a city in ruins, to kill the male of the species. Outstanding special effects and design have made these monsters a marvel of movement and menace - with no hint of the fairy tale about them.

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Reign Of Fire [DVD](2002) DVD
Futuristic fearfest set in 2020 England, where "fire chief" Christian Bale tries to keep a small village safe from a slew of flying, flame-breathing dragons who have threatened mankind since being unearthed from their subterranean slumber 20 years earlier. Lending help is Matthew McConaughey, an American with a band of reserve fighters and a plan to stop the creatures. Izabella Scorupco, Gerard Butler and Alice Krige also star. 109 min.

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Reign Of Fire