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TITLE : Tarzan And The Valley Of Gold
: 1966
DIRECTOR : Robert Day
STARRING : Mike Henry, David Opatoshu, Manuel Padilla Jr, Nancy Kovack, Don Megowan, Enrique Lucero, John Kelly, Oswald Olvera, Carlos Rivas.
* All New High Adventure!
* See Tarzan as you have never seen him before challenging the worlds most modern weapons!
"Tarzan And The Valley Of Gold" Tony's Comments:
Can you imagine Tarzan as a Jungle James Bond? "Tarzan And The Valley Of Gold" was made at the height of the 1960's James Bond craze and it shows. No jungle music on the film credits this time. The intro comes complete with a funky jazz music score with a few animal screeches thrown in for good measure and Tarzan's arrival on the scene is via a helicopter. Our jungle hero, played by ex-football star Mike Henry, is dressed in a suit and is carrying a briefcase. In no time at all we see Tarzan at an empty stadium engaged in a secret agent-style gun battle with some villains. Luckily the clothes don't last for long. After about 20 minutes into the film Tarzan is back in his trademark loincloth, ready to fight the bad guys who kidnap a young boy whom they believe will lead them to the legendary city of Gold. The villains in this exciting jungle adventure are ruthless and deadly. They come equipped with all the usual hi-tech gadgetry and weapons that you would expect to see in a Bond film. This makes Tarzan's mission almost impossible and bumps up our entertainment value to a new level.

"Tarzan And The Valley Of Gold" was Mike Henry's first of 3 Tarzan pictures, the other two being "Tarzan And The Jungle Boy" and "Tarzan And The Great River". Mike Henry was later offered the starring role in the Tarzan TV series but after donning the loincloth 3 times he grew tiresome of the role and allowed Ron Ely to step in as the new king of the jungle. Is "Tarzan And The Valley Of Gold" a unique Tarzan entry, yes! An enjoyable Tarzan entry, most definitely! And does Mike Henry measure up to previous Tarzan actors, well let's just say the future "Smokey And the Bandit" star is different to say the least. Unfortunately, this groovy jungle adventure has never been available on VHS or DVD. However, it does occasionally pop up on television so look out for it."Tarzan And The Valley Of Gold", complete with, helicopters, tanks, machine-guns, grenades, exploding wrist watches, giant coke bottle and stunning Mexican scenery delivers the goods in campy 60's style.

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Tony's Comments:
Mike Henry
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