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TITLE : Tarzan Of The Apes
: 1918
DIRECTOR : Scott Sidney  
STARRING : Elmo Lincoln, Enid Markey, True Boardman, Kathleen Kirkham, George B. French, Gordon Griffith, Colin Kenny, Thomas Jefferson, Bessie Toner, Jack Wilson, Louis Morrison, Eugene Pallette, Fred L. Wilson.  
* The Wonder Story of the Age
* The most startling and unforgettable story ever written
"Tarzan Of The Apes" Tony's Comments:
"Tarzan Of The Apes" was the first film to be made about the great white ape. Elmo Lincoln, complete with headband and leopard skin seat covers, stars in this landmark film. Elmo may not have been the best-looking Tarzan or the most athletic but he will nevertheless go down in history as the first man to put on the loincloth. The woman who had the honour of becoming the screen's first Jane was actress Enid Markey. This silent feature comes in at a running time of just under 1 hour but covers a lot of ground and stays true to Edgar Rice Burroughs' original vision of the legendary jungle man.  The amazing thing about this film is that we get 3 Tarzan's for the price of one. Playing Tarzan as a young boy is Gordon Griffith and the man responsible for most of the tree work was stuntman Stellan Windrow. The star, Elmo Lincoln who was reportedly frightened of heights, was confined to do all-the ground work and close ups. "Tarzan Of The Apes" is a real curiosity piece, obviously dated by today's standards, but still well worth a look at for Tarzan fans.
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Tony's Comments:
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"Kings Of The Jungle"
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Starring Elmo Lincoln
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Kings of the Jungle: An Illustrated Reference to Tarzan on Screen and Television by David Fury, Maureen O'Sullivan
Please Don't Call Me Tarzan: The Life Story of Herman Brix/Bruce Bennett by Mike Chapman
Johnny Weissmuller : Twice the Hero by David Fury, Hank Brown
Tarzan Of The Apes(1918) VHS
The screen legacy of Edgar Rice Burroughs' jungle hero began with this faithful silent version, with Elmo Lincoln as the son of Lord and Lady Greystoke who, after his parents are killed in Africa, is raised by apes and learns to live by the laws of the jungle. Co-stars Enid Markey, True Boardman. 61 min. Silent with music score.

The Adventures Of Tarzan(1921) VHS
Original screen Tarzan Elmo Lincoln returns in this edited version of the classic serial. The ape man has left civilization for his beloved jungle, but Jane is also in Africa and at the mercy of the evil Rokoff, a Russian agent searching for the jeweled city of Opar. Louise Lorraine, Frank Whitson also star. 188 min. Silent with music score. NOTE: This version does not include the chapter opening and closing credits.

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Kings Of The Jungle
Elmo Lincoln
Tarzan Of The Apes
Elmo Lincoln