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The Fastest
TITLE : The Fastest Guitar Alive
: 1967
DIRECTOR : Michael D. Moore
STARRING : Roy Orbison, Sammy Jackson, Maggie Pierce, Joan Freeman, Lyle Bettger, John Doucette, Patricia Donahue, Ben Cooper, Ben Lessy, Douglas Kennedy, Len Hendry, Iron Eyes Cody, Domingo Samudio, Wilda Taylor,
Victoria Carroll.
Roy Orbison on the screen at last as a singing shooting son of a gun!
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"The Fastest Guitar Alive" now on VHS:
Roy Orbsion
Film Details:
A Fistful Of Westerms
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Roy Orbison in a western? That's right! You guessed it! 1960's singing sensation Roy Orbison makes his one and only big screen film debut in “The Fastest Guitar Alive”, one of the most unique westerns ever to hit the silver screen. For this fast shooting western, Roy removes his trademark back shades, puts on his western attire and takes on the old west with a saddle and a shooting guitar. Roy plays Johnny Banner, a confederate spy who steals a shipment of gold in San Francisco and attempts to deliver it to a Confederate general in El Paso. Along the way Roy's secret weapon (the bullet-shooting guitar) is used to good effect against anybody that tries to stand in his way. “The Fastest Guitar Alive” features eight original Roy Orbison songs including, "Pistolero", "Good Time Party", "River", "Whirlwind", "Medicine Man", "Rollin' On", “Snuggle Huggle" and of course the catchy title track. “The Fastest Guitar Alive” is a western like no other, with singer Roy Orbison, as you have never seen him before. For campy western entertainment look no further, this one delivers the goods.
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Roy Orbison on
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The Fastest Guitar Alive(1967) VHS
Mercy! The legendary Roy Orbison made his screen debut as a Confederate soldier who takes part in robbing a Union gold shipment, then is branded a criminal when the war ends. Roy sings eight songs and makes use of a shotgun guitar(!); with Sammy Jackson, Maggie Pierce, Iron Eyes Cody. 87 min.

Roy Orbison
Roy Orbison
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The Fastest Guitar Alive
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