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TITLE : The New Adventures Of Tarzan
: 1935
DIRECTOR : Edward A. Kull & Wilbur McGaugh
STARRING : Herman Brix, Ula Holt, Ashton Dearholt, Frank Baker, Lewis Sargent, Dale Walsh, Harry Ernes, Merrill McCormick, Jack Mower, Earl Dwire, Jackie Gentry.
* Herman Brix World famous athlete and olympic games champion
* The Greatest Tarzan of All Time!
"The New Adventures Of Tarzan" Video Synopsis:
This feature film version "The New Adventures Of Tarzan" was a landmark motion picture; it was the first James Bond and Indiana Jones style blockbuster of its day. Starring Herman Brix, Ula Holt and Don Castello, this big screen version of Edgar Rice Burrough's classic hero originated as a hugely popular Saturday matinee serial before getting equally successful motion picture treatment. Unhappy with the Hollywood treatment his classic hero was getting, Edgar Rice Burroughs produced this feature film through his own production company, and went on to produce a highly successful sequel, "Tarzan And The Green Goddess".  It was also the first Tarzan feature to be filmed on location, and not on a Hollywood studio backlot.
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Video Synopsis:
Film Details:
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Tarzan Books Now Available To Buy :
"Kings Of The Jungle"
"Please Don't Call Me Tarzan"
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"Twice The Hero"
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"The New Adventures Of Tarzan" & the sequel
"Tarzan And The Green Goddess" are available to buy :
Starring Herman Brix
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Kings of the Jungle: An Illustrated Reference to Tarzan on Screen and Television by David Fury, Maureen O'Sullivan
Please Don't Call Me Tarzan: The Life Story of Herman Brix/Bruce Bennett by Mike Chapman
Johnny Weissmuller : Twice the Hero by David Fury, Hank Brown
The New Adventures Of Tarzan(1935) VHS
Herman Brix, as Tarzan, joins an expedition to a lost Mayan city hidden in the Guatemalan jungle. Their goal: the "Green Goddess," a gem-encrusted idol that contains a secret formula for a powerful explosive. Ula Holt, Frank Baker co-star; produced by Edgar Rice Burroughs. 12 swinging episodes; 244 min.

Tarzan And The Green Goddess(1938) VHS
A special opening sequence was added to this jungle thriller, the second feature to be culled from 1935's "The New Adventures of Tarzan" serial. The ape man (Herman Brix) and his allies are in Guatemala, where they must guard the fabled Green Goddess statue from crooks who want an explosives formula hidden inside it. With Ula Holt, Frank Baker. 72 min.

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Kings Of The Jungle
New Adventures Of Tarzan
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