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TITLE : The Triumph Of Hercules
: 1964
DIRECTOR : Alberto De Martino
STARRING : Dan Vadis, Marilu Tolo, Pierre Cressoy, Moira Orfei, Piero Lulli, Nino Marchetti,  Enzo Fiermonte, Jacques Stany.
"The Triumph Of Hercules" Video Synopsis:
When the people of Mycene rise in revolt, their evil Prince Milo and his mother, Pasiphae, a sorceress conjured up seven superhuman beings made of bronze who spread terror among the populace. After being stripped of his superhuman strength, because of an unjust act, Hercules still manages to destroy both the prince and his mother in the sorceress' grotto.

"The Triumph Of Hercules" Tony's Comments
The great Dan Vadis (real name Constantine Daniel Vafiadis), who was born in Shanghai China, made his film debut in "Colossus Of The Arena" (1962) with Mark Forest and by the time "The Triumph Of Hercules" (Italian title Il Trionfo di Ercole) hit cinema screens in 1964 Dan was a veteran of Italian peplums, having already appeared in "The Rebel Gladiators" (1963), "Hercules The Invincible" (1963), "The Ten Gladiators" (1963) and "Zorikan The Barbarian" (1964).  "The Triumph of Hercules" marked Vadis' second outing as Hercules and it is certainly his most remembered starring role. The film has all the usual swordplay and action set pieces but why this one stands out from other peplums is the fearsome opponents that Hercules is pitted against. Dan comes head to head with ten robot-like bronze warriors that have been created by an evil sorceress. His battle with the warriors is one of the films big highlights and the film is worth watching for that alone.

By the late 1960's when the peplums were starting to fade away Dan began appearing in spaghetti westerns such as "For A Few Extra Dollars" (1967) and "God Will Forgive My Pistol" (1969). During the 1970's Dan became a regular supporting player in many of Clint Eastwood's films. Look out for him in "High Plains Drifter" (1972), "The Gauntlet"(1977), "Every Which Way But Loose" (1978), "Bronco Billy" (1980) and "Any Which Way You Can" (1980). By 1983 Dan's career had gone full circle when he made his final big screen appearance in yet another peplum. This time it was with the new boy on the block Lou Ferrigno in "The 7 Magnificent Gladiators". But if you want to see Dan Vadis in his prime and at his physical best then "The Triumph Of Hercules" is the film to see. When you are looking for it, take care, as it sometimes shows up as "Hercules and the Ten Avengers" or "Hercules vs. the Giant Warriors".

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The Triumph of
Film Synopsis & Tony's Comments:
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The Ten Gladiators(1960) VHS
Well-toned Italian he-man Dan Vadis is a slave who leads a minyan of musclemen against crazed emperor Nero when he starts slaughtering innocent people in ancient Rome. Roger Browne, Susan Paget and Gianni Rizzo also star in this mix of history and sword-and-toga spectacle from spaghetti western specialist Gianfranco Parolini ("Adios, Sabata"). AKA: "Ten Desperate Men." 104 min.

The Rebel Gladiators(1963) VHS
From the popular "Ursus" series comes this enthralling swordfight film in which strongman Dan Vadis battles an evil emperor who has taken over the throne of Rome. He also takes Vadis' mistress hostage and oppresses the barbarians. A showdown is in the works. With Jose Greci and Gloria Milland. 98 min.

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The slave-turned-rebel of Ancient Rome leads an army of escaped prisoners in an attempt to stop the brutal gladitorial games. Action-filled swords and sandals saga stars Dan Vadis, Helga Line. 99 min.

Triumph Of Hercules(1964) VHS
Think the super-strong demigod (played by Dan Vadis) will have no trouble defeating wicked sorceress Moira Orfei and her crew of giant bronze warriors? Well, Zeus has stripped Hercules of his powers, and now it'll take a miracle for him to live up to the film's title! AKA: "Hercules and the Ten Avengers," "Hercules vs. the Giant Warriors." 90 min.

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Muscleman fave Dan Vadis leads an army of beefy gladiators into a mission that has them kidnapping a queen. When they discover they've been duped, the men try to change things by battling it out in a series of wild fights (and by, in one scene, disguising themselves as women and flirting with guards!). Truly, this is no mere status quo Vadis. With Stanley Kent, John Heston.

Death Is Nimble, Death Is Quick(1965) VHS
European he-men Brad Harris and Tony Kendall team to investigate a murder in Ceylon, where they find themselves battling the sinister Three Yellow Cats crime organization. Muscleman Dan Vadis also stars in this entry in the espionage series based on the "Kommissar X" books from Germany. AKA: "Three Golden Cats." 91 min. Dubbed in English.

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