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They Call Me Trinity (1971)
They Call Me Trinity
The "Trinity" Video Collection
The Film Series
Trinity Is Still My Name (1972)
TroubleMakers (1994)
Starring Terence Hill & Bud Spencer
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"The Trintity Boys, Terence Hill and Bud Spencer are a comedy duo with a difference, they drift around the old west helping those in need and punishing those who commit wrongs. Their actions speak louder than words. They are the fastest guns alive, unbeatable, unstoppable and perhaps the most popular comedy team of the 2oth century".
The "Terence Hill and Bud Spencer" Video Collection
* You'll die laughing when Trinity hits town
* Say Your Prayers....
* He was on the side of law & order. He was on the side of crime and chaos. He was on any side that would have him.

* Trinity is back in the saddle again and still horsing around
* Trinity and Bambino in another hilarious western adventure
Trinity and Bambino, the outlaws with hearts of gold are back, in this sequel to the smash hit original "They Call Me Trinity".  The sharp-shooting, fast-punching half brothers leave a trail of chaos behind them, as they travel through California from one saloon to the next looking for a fast buck. This 2nd Trinity outing features the best high stakes card game, the best gunfight (or should I say slap-out), and one of the most hilarious eating scenes ever put on celluloid, which takes place in a high class French restaurant. Watch closely as the waiter uncorks a bottle of wine and attempts to cook a flame grilled French delicacy in front of them. The fancy gun slinging and comic brawls were now Trinity trademarks. Who can forget Bud in the confessional at the monastery?  The scene starts off quietly but ends up with Bud's destruction of the cubicle.  "Trinity Is Still My Name" like the original was an international blockbuster, considered by many to be even better than the first which is a rarity among sequels. The following description, taken from the back of a video case cover, sums up the excitement in this action-packed sequel:

"The continuing story of Trinity, a scruffy saddle tramp who gets into trouble and adventure wherever he drifts. This time, Trinity and his half-brother, Bambino, promise their dying father to respect his last wish - that they become successful bandits so that they command large prices on their heads. They leave his deathbed anxiously wanting to make good on their promise, but find that it isn't quite as easy as it sounds. They bumble and rough-house their way through a series of situations in the wild west, including rescuing monks from a gun-runner, in this hugely enjoyable and high-spirited parody of a spaghetti western".  
* The Trinity Boys are back in a rip-roaring comedy western
* The craziest duo in the west
* How the West was almost lost
* Not Wanted
The "Trinity Boys" CD Collection
One of the contributing factors to the popularity of the Trinity films has been the fantastic soundtracks. Now for all you Trinity fans there are a number of compilation CD's available to buy from "Amazon". Click the links below for details:
Sons Of Trinity (1995)
* The Trinity legend rides on for a new generation
* Still not Wanted
* Trouble Rides Again
* The Legend Rides On
Heath Kizzier stars as Trinity Jr. and Keith Neubert as Bambino Jr. in "Sons of Trinity" an excellent western comedy that pays homage to the original "Trinity Boys", Terence Hill and Bud Spencer. "Sons of Trinity" is directed by Italian filmmaker E.B. Clucher (a.k.a. Enzo Barboni) the same person who directed the first two Trinity adventures "They Call Me Trinity" and "Trinity Is Still My Name". "Sons of Trinity" is not an easy video to find and if you do get your hands on a copy it is well worth a viewing. The following description, taken from the back of the video case cover, sums up this action-packed western:

"The Trinity legend rides on for a new generation, when the two sons of infamous frontier cowpokes, Trinity and Bambino, meet under less than favorable circumstances: Bambino is about to be hung for horse thievin' in the hamlet of San Clementino.  After Trinity springs his newfound friend, they become sheriff and deputy of the very same town that did the near-hangin'! With a fistful of hi-jinks and a head full of wacky ideas, they take on the good, the bad and the stupid in this rough and tumble western comedy that will have you hooting and hollering for the Sons Of Trinity!"
If it's action comedy you're looking for, look no further because the “Trinity Boys are back in town and after 22 years they still know how to pack a punch. “Trouble Makers”, although not an official sequel, is nevertheless considered by many to be the 3rd installment in the Trinity series. Terence Hill and Bud Spencer are still in fine form and will have you rolling in the aisles with their fancy eating, fast-talking, fast-shooting and unique brand of slapstick humour. “Trouble Makers” was directed by Terence “Trinity” Hill himself, and the following description, taken from the back of the video case cover, sums up this long-awaited reunion of Trinity and Bambino, known in this installment as Travis and Moses but still the two fastest guns in the west:  

"A young boy finishes reading the letter to a man playing poker, a man called Travis, the fastest gun in the west. Travis needs to find his brother, Moses before returning home to visit his mother. Moses has become the toughest bounty hunter alive in order to support his 8 or 9 (or is it 10?) children. Travis devises a clever plan to lure his long lost brother home but has only one problem; Moses doesn't want to go. The two have a knack of getting into fights… Fist fights; gun fights and even fights with each other. With a sheriff and deputy who think they're outlaws, a beautiful young veterinarian in distress, and a group of nasty cowpokes who won't leave them alone, it seems that even reunited, they won't make it home. Trouble Makers is a western adventure with plenty of laughs and plenty of action… Trinity-style".
In the grand tradition of famous comedy duo's like Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, Martin and Lewis, Lemmon and Matthau comes “The Trinity Boys", Terence Hill and Bud Spencer a comedy duo like no other. In the Trinity series the two Italian actors play two-half brothers (same father, different mothers) who drift around the old west helping those in need and dishing out punishment to those who commit wrongs. The “Trinity Brothers” are the fastest guns alive, they are unbeatable, unstoppable super heroes; the only thing missing is their capes. During the late 60's and early 70's the spaghetti western genre was at its peak and to spoof it was unthinkable, until Italian director E.B. Clucher went out on a limb when he took the traditional violent spaghetti western themes and turned them upside down. “They Call Me Trinity” was a worldwide hit for E.B. Clucher turning Terence Hill and Bud Spencer into international superstars. It was original for its time and it came before “Blazing Saddles”. “They Call Me Trinity” is filled with non-stop slapstick, unbelievable trick shooting, outrageous punch-ups, hilarious dialogue and some of the funniest eating scenes this side of Boot Hill. The following description is taken from the back of a video case cover and sums up the hysterical misadventures of the Trinity Boys”, in this, the original gun smoking western classic that will bring tears of laughter to your eyes:

"Fists fly, bar brawls brew and pistols are law and order in this classic spaghetti western starring Terence Hill as the fastest gun around. With a talent for trouble, Trinity and his trusty companion, Bambino, defend a group of Mormon settlers against Mexican marauders and a nasty horse-breeder known as The Major. This hilarious film contains some classic and comic brawls and sends up every western from The Magnificent Seven to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. A must for every lover of the Old West".  

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They Call Me Trinity (VHS)
Trinity Is Still My Name (VHS)
Troublemakers (VHS)
They Call Me Trinity (DVD)
Trinity Is Still My Name (DVD)
Troublemakers (DVD)
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