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Super Fuzz
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This page was last updated December 16th 2003
Comic Book Super Heroes
Film Facts:
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Terence Hill
& Ernest Borgnine
* Faster than a speeding ticket. More powerful than a swat team. And up, up and away the funniest super hero of them all!
* Super Fuzz - The law and disorder comedy!
* Dave was a young cop - who happened to have extraordinary powers!
* Dave Speed is saving the world from crime....but who can save the world from Dave Speed?

* SuperSnooper
* Poliziotto superpiù  
"Super Fuzz" on VHS:
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"Super Fuzz"
Video Synopsis:
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Dave Speed is a young patrol man in Miami, Florida, who after accidental exposure to nuclear radiation develops incredible powers. He can see round corners, move a driver-less truck, race up 20 flights of stairs in 20 seconds, and fall from a window high up in a skyscraper and land on his feet, unhurt. He is in many ways a super cop, but his powers fail him when he sees the colour red. Anything red, from a girl's bathing costume to a traffic light.

Dave's friend and surperior in the force is hard-bitten campaigner Sgt, Willie Dunlop. The pair are expected to pull their weight in the city's bid to uncover a counterfeit ring. Led by underworld boss Torpedo, the gang is causing havoc by flooding the city with forged banknotes. Pulling their weight lands the two cops in big trouble. But in this light-hearted action adventure there is plenty of scope for Dave to test his astonishing powers in the course of tracking down the crooks.
Terence Hill & Bud Spencer at Hollywood Teen Movies:
TITLE : Super Fuzz
DIRECTOR : Sergio Corbucci
STARRING : Terence Hill, Ernest Borgnine, Marc Lawrence, Joanne Dru,Sal Borgese, Charles Buie, Bobby Gale, Herb Goldstein, Julie Gordon, Jack McDermott, Florance McGee, Claudio Ruffini, Lee Sandman, Don Sebastian, Sergio Smacchi, Dow Stout, Ben Taylor, Charles D. Thomas, Woody Woodbury.  
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Super Fuzz(1981) VHS
A cop suddenly discovers he has amazing powers (super strength, super vision)--until he sees the color red, and uses his newfound gifts to nab some counterfeiters. Terence Hill, Ernest Borgnine, Joanne Dru star. 97 min.

Super Fuzz (VHS)
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Terence Hill
Bud Spencer
Terence & Ernest in Super Fuzz
Super Fuzz Poster
Super Fuzz