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Website Updates
December 2002
Hollywood Teen Movies Archives
December 31st 2002: "Beverly Hills Cop" has been added to "Dirty Harry & Friends"

December 30th 2002:
Two Kirsten Dunst films, "Dick" & "The Cat's Meow" have been added. Also, "On The Line" with NSync's Lance Bass & Joey Fatone has been added to "Teen Movies Of The New Millennium".

December 28th 2002:
The Nicole Kidman teen classic "BMX Bandits" has been added to "Teen Action, Adventure & Fantasy".

December 27th 2002:
The John Stamos cult biker flick "Born To Ride" has been added to "Teen Action, Adventure & Fantasy".

December 26th 2002:
The surprise hit comedy of 2002, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" has been added to "Comedy, Romance & Slapstick".

December 25th 2002: We would like to wish all our visitors a Happy Christmas and a Great New Year from "Hollywood Teen Movies".

December 21st 2002:
"Two Weeks Notice", the new romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant has been added to "Comedy, Romance & Slapstick" and "Catch Me If You Can", the new Steven Spielberg film starring Leonardo DiCaprio & Tom Hanks has been added to "Drama, Mystery and Thrillers".

December 20th 2002:
"Brooke Shields" & "Elisabeth Shue" Actress profiles have been updated.

December 19th 2002:
"The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers" has been added to "Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Adventure". Also, an Elijah Wood profile, an Elijah Wood Video/DVD store and a 2nd "Lord Of The Rings Poster Store" have been added.

December 18th 2002:
All the decades in "Teen Movie Quotes" have been updated with a new look and more quotes. Also "Teen Movie Taglines" has been updated.

December 16th 2002:
The news page has been updated with this week's "Top Ten".

December 14th 2002:
70's teen flicks "Love Story", "Animal House", "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" and "Big Wednesday" have been updated. The "Big Wednesday" page now briefly features two other surf flicks, "Blue Juice" with Catherine Zeta Jones and the 2002 blockbuster "Blue Crush" starring Kate Bosworth.

December 13th 2002:
"High School Caesar" has been added to "Teen Movies Of The 1960's" and a John Ashley Video/DVD has been included.

December 12th 2002:
"Summer Lovers" has been added to "Teen Movies Of The 1980's" and a Peter Gallagher Video/DVD Store has been included. Also "American Graffitti" & "More American Graffiti" have been updated.

December 11th 2002:
A "C. Thomas Howell" Actor profile has been added.

December 9th 2002:
3 new films have been added; "Die Another Day" & "Go For It" to "Bond & Other Secret Agents" and "Super Fuzz" to "Comic Book Super Heroes".

December 7th 2002:
A "Sarah Jessica Parker" Actress profile has been added.

December 6th 2002:
"Three Men And A Baby" & "While You Were Sleeping" have been added to "Comedy, Romance & Slapstick". Also Video/DVD Stores for Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg & Ted Danson have been included.

December 5th 2002:
"Ride The High Country" has been added to "Fistful Of Westerns". Also, a Joel McCrea Video/DVD store has been included. "The Beastmaster" & "Clash Of The Titans" have been added to "Sword & Sandal Epics".

December 3rd 2002
: 5 new movies have been added; "Stripes", "Caddyshack", "Meatballs", "Three Amigos", & "Planes Trains & Automobiles". Also, Video/DVD Stores have been added for Bill Murray & Martin Short.

December 2nd 2002
: 4 new movies have been added; "Fast Times At Ridgemont High", "Private School", "Gremlins", "Shag The Movie" & the Phoebe Cates profile has been updated. Also, our news page has been updated. Apart from the usual tidbits of news the news page will now list the "Top 10 Movies At The US Box Office" each week.
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