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Website Updates
January - April 2003
Hollywood Teen Movies Archives
April 30th 2003: "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" & "Salsa The Motion Picture" have been added.

April 28th 2003:
"Coyote Ugly", "Lambada" & the "Piper Perabo" profile have been updated.

April 24th 2003:
Hollywood Teen Movies is proud to present a feature page on the Frank Sinatra / Eddie Hodges Classic, "A Hole In The Head". This page includes an exclusive interview with Eddie Hodges, the child star of this enjoyable family favorite. The page can be accessed from our Comedy Menu, or simply Click Here.

April 21st 2003:
"Kangaroo Jack", "Career Opportunities" & "Looking For Alibrandi" have been updated. The "Creature Features" menu has been updated with the inclusion of "All Monsters Attack" a special DVD featuring over 50 of your favorite Creature Feature trailers. The "Book Store" has been updated with the inclusion of "Generation Multiplex", a book about the image of youth in contemporary American Cinema. The Frank Sinatra Video/DVD Store has been updated with the inclusion of the Frank classic "A Hole In The Head". Also, a Sinatra Poster Store has been added.

April 9th 2003:
"Big Wednesday" & "The Fast And The Furious" have been updated.
April 5th 2003
: "What's New On DVD" & the "What A Girl Wants" page has been updated.

March 31st 2003:
Check out our "News" page for some exciting news about special movie screenings of teen movie classics such as "Valley Girl" & "The Last American Virgin".

March 24th 2003:
A page on the "2003 Oscars" has been added. Visit our "Oscars" menu page.

March 22nd 2003:
The Warner Bros. teen comedy "What A Girl Wants" starring Amanda Bynes has been added to "Teen Movies Of The New Millennium".

March 17th 2003:
"Agent Cody Banks" has been added to "Teen Action, Adventure & Fantasy".

March 8th 2003:
The Franco Nerco Spaghetti Western "Companeros" has been added to "A Fistful Of Westerns". Also the following pages have been updated, A Knight's Tale, 10 Things, The Goonies & the Hayley Mills actress profile.

March 5th 2003:
For Heath Ledger fans two fantastic new pages have been added, "Two Hands" & the highly anticipated "Ned Kelly". Plus Heath's actor profile & "The Patriot" have been updated.

March 4th 2003:
"Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo" has been added to "Teen Musicals & Dance Classics". Also the Debbie Reynolds profile page has been updated.

March 3rd 2003:
"Cradle 2 The Grave" has been added to "Kung Fu, Action & Mayhem".

February 18th - 26th 2003:
The following profiles have been updated, Ann-Margret, Sandra Dee, Emilio Estevez, Frankie Avalon, Tab Hunter, Pat Boone, Bobby Darin, Charlie Sheen, Henry Winkler, Johnny Depp, Kirsten Dunst, Drew Barrymore & Lori Loughlin. Also, the following movies, Caddyshack, Staying Alive, Vacation, The Mark Of Zorro, Just Married, Private Resort, Risky Business, Original Sin, Young Guns, Class, The Wedding Singer and Our Man Flint.

February 14th 2003:
"Daredevil" has been added to "Comic Book Super Heroes".
February 12th 2003: "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" has been added to "Comedy & Romance".
February 10th 2003:
"Shanghai Knights" has been added to "Kung Fu, Action & Mayhem".
February 5th 2003: "Hercules Against The Moon Men" has been updated.
January 30th 2003:
"The Giant Of Metropolis" has been added to "Sword & Sandal Epics".
January 29th 2003:
Two "Cult TV" Poster Stores have been added.
January 28th 2003:
"Spy Hard" with Leslie Nielsen was added to "Bond & Other Secret Agents".
January 27th 2003:
"The Strongest Man In The World" has been added to "Walt Disney".

January 25th 2003:
A special page dedicated to "Teen TV Shows" has been added. The page also includes, "Teen TV Poster Store", "Teen TV Video/DVD Store" & a "Teen TV Quiz". I hope this page brings back some happy memories to all you TV lovers out there.

January 23rd 2003:
"I-Spy" & "True Lies have been added to "Bond & Other Secret Agents".

January 20th 2003:
"Chicago" has been added to "Drama, Mystery & Thrillers".

January 17th 2003:
3 new movies have been added. All 3 hit US cinemas today, "A Guy Thing" (Comedy), "Kangaroo Jack" (Comedy) & "National Security" (Action).

January 16th 2003:
For 50's & 60's fans, two blonde haired, blue eyed favorites have been added. Check out our actor profiles for teen stars Tab Hunter and Troy Donahue .

January 15th 2003:
A real treat for fans of the two Coreys. Corey Feldman & Corey Haim, stars of such films as "License To Drive" & "Dream A Little Dream" have been added to "Teen Idols Of The 70's & 80's". Check out their actor profiles.

January 14th 2003:
An actress profile on 50's teen queen Natalie Wood has been added.

January 13th 2003:
"Just Married" has been added to "Comedy, Romance & Slapstick".

January 11th 2003:
A Nancy Sinatra actress profile has been added. Also, 2 new pages of Posters & Lobby Cards have been added, one for "Teen Action Movies" & one for "Western Movies".You can access these pages from the poster store menu.

January 9th 2003:
More Lobby Cards & Posters have been added, many of them are authentic, original items now available for purchase. Check out our 3 new pages of Posters & Lobby Cards from the "60's, 90's & New Millennium". Access these pages from the poster store menu.

January 6th 2003:
A real treat for 80's Teen Movie fans, Hollywood Teen Movies is now proud to present a special page featuring posters and lobby cards of all your favorite teen movies from the 80's, many of which are authentic original items.The collection includes "The Last American Virgin", "Porky's", "Class Of 1984", "Just One Of The Guys" and many more. Plus, two new films have been added, "The Hot Chick" starring Rob Schneider to "Teen Movies Of The New Millennium" and "The Rocketeer" starring Jennifer Connelly to "Walt Disney Classics".

January 4th 2003:
A special page consisting of "Sword & Sandal Posters & Lobby Cards" has been added to our "Sword & Sandal Epics" Menu.

January 2nd 2003:
Two classic Steve McQueen films have been added, "The Great Escape" to "Kung Fu, Action & Mayhem" and "Bullitt" to "Dirty Harry & Friends".

January 1st 2003:
The homepage has been given a revamp for the New Year. Plus, the Brandon Lee flick "Rapid Fire" has been added to "Kung Fu, Action & Mayhem."
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