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January - August 2001
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August 29th 2001 - New links added to "About This Site" page & "Main Menu" page has had a big revamp.
August 22nd 2001 - Actor & Actress pages have received a revamp with 32 new additions. Now there are 40 Teen Idols & Teen Queens to choose from. "Latest Teen Movie News" page has also been updated (American Pie 2 & Legally Blonde).

July 12th 2001 - A new page for "Girls Just Want To have Fun" has been added to Teen Movies of The 80's.
July 4th 2001 -  "Latest Teen Movie News" page has been updated (Scary Movie 2).
July 3rd 2001 -  "Disco King: Tony's Ultimate Mobile Disco" has become our new affiliate. Check out the webpage devoted to it.

June 28th 2001 - "The Elvis Collection" has been updated with new pages for "Love Me Tender", "Loving You" & "King Creole"
June 1st  2001 -  New counter installed. Old counter stopped at about 570.

May 29th 2001 - "About This Site" has been updated
May 15th 2001 - After a full week of intensive adjustments & reloads the website can now be viewed successfully with the Netscape 6 browser. The links button on some menu bars is temporarily inactive but our links page can still be activated from our main menu page.
May 8th 2001 - A "Hollywood Teen Movies Star Logo" is added to the Homepage & Main Menu page. "The Elvis Collection" is introduced with a menu page consisting of all the Elvis movie posters. Reviews for "The Elvis Collection" will be added in the near future. Also an "A to Z Movie List" has been added to the site for easy reference.
May 7th 2001 - Website revamp begins so that it is suitable for Netscape navigator users. Unfortunately some special effects have to be discarded. Also, five new additions to Teen Movies of The 50's including: "Blackboard Jungle", "High School Confidential", "Tammy & The Bachelor", "A Summer Place" & "Girls Town".
May 1st 2001 - "Tomcats" has been added to Teen Movies of the New Millennium

April 23rd 2001 -  Teen Slasher flicks becomes "Teen Slasher Flicks & Thrillers" with 4 new additions: "Gossip", "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer", "Disturbing Behavior" & "The Skulls".
April 8th 2001 - 5 more additions to Teen Movies of the 70's including "American Graffiti", "Love Story", "Big Wednesday", "Summer City" &" I Wanna Hold Your Hand". Also 5 more additions to Teen Movies of the 60's including "To Sir With Love", "The Graduate", "Fireball 500", "Beach Party" & Dr. Goldfoot & The Bikini Machine."
April 6th 2001 - "Memorable Moments"  introduced to Website. "Dude, Where's My Car?" added to Teen Movies of the new millenium. Also 2 additions to Teen Movies of the 80's: "Porky's" & "Weird Science".
April 4th 2001 - 10 new celebrity galleries added & 4 new movies added to Teen Movies of the 90's: "The Wedding Singer", "Blast From The Past", "Cry-Baby" & "Don't Tell Mom The Baybysitter's Dead". Also 3 movies added to Tony's Blockbuster Collection: "Cast Away", "Proof of Life" & "The Wedding Planner".

March 31st 2001 - "The Galleries" are introduced to the website with 10 celebrity galleries & 3 movie galleries.
March 27th 2001 - "Teen Movie Extras" introduced to the website with 4 entries: Teen Movie Taglines, Teen Movie Quotes, Award Winners & Elvis Film Facts. A Katie Holmes Quiz has also been added to "Test Your Teen Movie Knowledge". Ferris Bueller page also added to 80's page.
March 23rd 2001 - New additions to "Teen Movies of The New Millenium" include: "Drive Me Crazy", "Road Trip" & "Loser".
March 22nd 2001 - New category "Teen Slasher Flicks" is launched with 4 entries. Also "Traffic" & "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" added to "Tony's Blockbuster Collection".
March 21st 2001 - New category "Walt Disney Classics" is launched with 8 entries.
March 20th 2001 - "Zapped" added to Teen Movies of the 80's.
March 18th 2001 - New page added "Teen Movie Taglines" & "Miss Congeniality" added to Tony's Blockbusters. Quiz 3 - Name the Movie is now up & running.
March 14th 2001 - 6 New additions to the website: Young Guns, SpaceHunter, Masters of The Universe, No Retreat No Surrender, If Looks Could Kill & The Last Starfighter.
March 12th 2001 - 4 New additions to the website: The Idolmaker, Center Stage, Flashdance & Down To You
March 11th 2001 - "Risky Business" added to 80's Teen Movies, "Erin Brockovich" added to Tony's Blockbusters & "The Karate Kid" added to Teen Action, Adventure & Fantasy.
March 10th 2001 - "Never Been Kissed" added to 90's Teen Movies
March 8th 2001 - New main menu & menu bars are installed on all pages, introduction of a new category "Teen Action, Adventure & Fantasy, the first entry being "The Goonies", "Pictorial History of Teen Movies" page installed. Finally, 2 new affiliates are added to our list, "1,2,3 Posters" & "Half.com".
March 7th 2001 - Counter installed on Website.
March 6th 2001 - Work begins, on new, more versatile menu bars, an improved main menu & a "Pictorial History of Teen Movies" page.
March 5th 2001 - 2 more affiliates are signed up: Movies Unlimited & Ebay
March 4th 2001 - Amazon becomes our 2nd affiliate. Also Bootmen review is added to Teen Musicals & Dance Classics.
March 3rd 2001 - Our first Affiliate becomes Super-Hosting. Cheapest web-hosting & domain registration in Australia
March 2nd 2001 - Actor Profile Update: Freddie Prinze Jr. & Actress Profile Update: Molly Ringwald
March 1st  2001 - Website is officially launched. Guestbook, feedback, message board & send an email to Tony all introduced to the website.

February 28th  2001 - Uploading of files begins
February 27th  2001 - www.hollywoodteenmovies.com becomes our official registered internet address & "Super-hosting" becomes our web host.  
February 26th  2001 - Final touch up work on Website is completed & tested, including special effects & page link ups. Website launch is expected very soon.
February 25th 2001 - Website Entry Page Added. Also "Quiz 2 - Name The Teen Idol" is created.
February 24th  2001 - "Gladiator"  becomes the first film review on the miscellaneous review page. "Grease" is also added to "Teen Musicals & Dance classics".
February 23rd  2001 - Introduction of a miscellaneous movie review page.
February 22nd  2001 - Final touch up work on Website begins, including special effects & page link ups.  Teen Musicals & Dance classics - 3 reviews completed.
February 21st  2001 -  My search for a Web Host begins
February 19th 2001 - The preliminary objective to complete 3 film Reviews from each decade is reached. Also the first Teen Movie Quiz is added to the site.
February 8th 2001 - Work begins on film review pages from each decade.
February 7th 2001 - 3 Actor & 3 Actress profiles are finally completed.
February 2nd 2001 - Work on "Actor & Actress" profiles begins.
February 1st  2001 - "About This Site" page  is completed.

January 31st  2001 - "Homepage" of Website finally completed.
January 30th  2001 - Site Construction Begins
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