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Website Updates
October - November 2002
Hollywood Teen Movies Archives
November 30th: 5 new films have been added; "Back To The Future", "Class Of 1984", "High School USA", "Teen Wolf" & "The Secret Of My Success".

November 29th:
Hollywood  Westerns of the 20's, 30's, 40's & 50's have now been featured in a big way on our "Westerns" menu. There is easy access to over 1000 films each with brief synopsis and cast details. Included are western legends such as Roy Rogers, Johnny Mack Brown, Hopalong Cassidy, The Lone Ranger, Tom Mix, Randolph Scott, Gene Autry & Gary Cooper.

November 28th:
8 new movie features have been added, "The Vikings", "Some Like It Hot", "The Black Shield Of Falworth", "Don't Make Waves", "Gunfight At The OK Corral", "The Professionals", "The Man From Snowy River" & "Girl With A Suitcase".

November 26th:
3 new movie features have been added, "Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves", "Dances With Wolves" & "Bridget Jones's Diary".

November 25th:
"On Her Majesty's Secret Service" has been added to "Bond & Other Secret Agents". "Krull" has been added to "Fantasy, Sci & Adventure".  "Bad Boys" & "Above The Law" have been added to "Dirty Harry And Friends" and "Wild Wild West" to our western menu.

November 23rd:
4 Harrison Ford films have been added, "Star Wars", "Raiders Of The Lost  Ark", "Blade Runner" and "Witness". Also a Harrison Ford Video/DVD Store & Poster Store have been included.

November 22nd:
The quizz pages on the "Test Your Your Teen Movie Knowledge" menu have all been updated. Also a new quizz on "80's Teen Movies" has been added.

November 21st:
6 Julia Roberts films have been added, "Pretty Woman", "Sleeping With The Enemy", "My Best Friend's Wedding", "Notting Hill", "The Mexican" and "Amercia's Sweethearts". "The Transporter" has been added to "Kung Fu, Action & Mayhem".  Also, "Ocean's Eleven" and "Tarzan The Apeman" (1932) has been updated.

November 20th:
"Secret Admirer" has been added to Teen Movies Of The 1980's.

November 19th:
Jesse Bradford Actor Profile and "Swimfan" have been added. Also the Roy Orbison cult classic "The Fastest Guitar Alive" has been added to "A Fistful Of Westerns".

November 18th:
The Mel Gibson films "Lethal Weapon", "The Patriot", "What Women Want", "Braveheart" and a Mel Gibson poster store have been added. Also, "Summer City" and "Mad Max" have been updated.

November 14th:
"Breakin" (aka Breakdance) has been added to our Music Menu & "The Tuxedo" has been added to "Bond & Other Secret Agents".

November 13th: 3 new dance films have been added, "Saturday Night Fever", "Staying Alive" & "Lambada".

November 12th:
"Hollywood's Song And Dance Stars Of Yesteryear" are featured in 8 new stores, they include, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Bing Crosby, Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Esther Williams and The Rodgers & Hammerstein Collection. The stores can be accessed via the "Musicals" menu or the "Cult Movie Video Store".

November 11th:
"It Came From Outer Space" has been added to "Teen Movies Of The 1950's". "Strictly Ballroom" has been added to "Teen Musicals And Dance Classics". For Mamie Van Doren fans "High School Confidential" & "Girls Town" have been updated, plus a Mamie Van Doren Video/DVD Store has been added.

November 9th:
"The Beach Girls And The Monster" has been added to "Teen Movies Of The 1960's. "Flubber" has been added to Walt Disney Classics. Also, the Disney menu & "Popeye" have been updated. New Video/DVD stores have been created for Dean Jones, Kurt Russell, Julie Andrews, Robin Williams & Ken Berry. Plus a Robin Williams Poster Store.

November 8th:
"Swiss Family Robinson", "Gidget", "Gidget Goes To Rome" & "Hound-Dog Man" have been updated.

November 7th:
2 new films have been added to "Teen Movies Of The 1970's", "The Warriors" and "Cooley High". Also "Gidget Goes Hawaiian", "Fireball 500" & "Ride The Wild Surf" have been updated.

November 6th:
3 Beach Party Movies have been added to "Teen Movies Of The 1960's", "Bikini Beach", "Pajama Party" & "How To Stuff A Wild Bikini". Also, all the other Beach Party movies on the 60's menu have been updated.

November 5th:
"The Nugget" & "The Man From Hong Kong" have been added to our new "Australian Cinema" menu. Also new Video/DVD stores for Australian Actors, Rod Taylor, Eric Bana, Geoffrey Rush, Bryan Brown & Jack Thompson have been added.

November 4th:
A new page devoted to "Australian Cinema" has been added to the website. To access the page go to the "Cult Movie Menu".

November 2nd:
Hollywood Teen Movies is proud to present an exclusive "Interview with Samson Burke" of "The Three Stooges Meet Hercules" fame. Special thanks goes to Larry Anderson and Gord Harmer for conducting the interview. To access the interview page go to "Sword & Sandal Epics" or simply Click Here.

October 31st:
"Enough", "Out Of Sight" & "Selena"  have been added to "Drama Mystery & Thrillers". "Anaconda" has been added to "Creature Features" & "One Fine Day" has been added to "Comedy, Romance & Slapstick".

October 29th:
"The Flash" has been added to "Comic Book Superheroes"

October 28th:
"The Adventures Of Robin Hood" starring Errol Flynn & "The Mask Of Zorro" starring Antonio Banderas have been added to "Swashbucklers & Pirates".

October 26th:
The Teen Video/DVD Store & The Cult Video/DVD Store have been updated. Also a 2nd Cult Video/DVD Store has been introduced. 3 new sub-stores have also been added to the new menus, Claudia Cardinale, Guy Williams & Jesse Bradford.  

October 24th:
Three Sylvester Stallone movies have been added. "Rocky", "First Blood" & "Victory". The "Poster Store Menu" has been updated with a new look plus 4 new poster stores, George Clooney, Halle Berry, Ricky Martin & Farrah Fawcett.

October 22nd:
"Gone With The Wind" has been added to "Best Picture Winners".
October 21st:
"Casablanca" has been added to "Best Picture Winners".
October 19th:
An exciting new section has been introduced to the site called "The Best Picture Winners".

October 18th:
Clint Eastwood fans are in for a treat at Hollywood Teen Movies. The Clint Eastwood Experience is now online. 4 new westerns (Hang 'Em High, Joe Kid, The Outlaw Josey Wales & Unforgiven) and 2 new cop films (Dirty Harry & Blood Work) have been added. All the Clint Eastwood films have been interlinked for easy movement.

October 12th:
You might notice that the photos on the film strip of the homepage have been changed.

October 10th:
The lost song from the 90's Jennifer Connelly teen movie "Career Opportunities" has been located and is now available to buy. Check the "Career Opportunities" page for more details.

October 8th:
"Teen Movie Directors" has been added to our "Teen Movie Extras Menu".
October 5th:
"Buck Rogers In The 25th Century" has been added to "Comic Book Super Heroes".

October 4th:
6 new Poster Stores, "Hollywood Beefcakes 1 & 2" , "Hollywood Cheesecakes 1 & 2", "Boys On Bikes" & "Marilyn Monroe".

October 3rd:
4 new Poster Stores, "Teen Stars Of The 50's & 60's", "Teen Stars Of The 70's & 80's", "Teen Stars Of The 90's & 2000's" & "Teen Movies Of The 50's & 60's.

October 2nd:
"Eight Legged Freaks" & "Reign Of Fire" have been added to Creature Features.

October 1st:
During the month of October many of the already existing pages at "Hollywood Teen Movies" will be updated. Also, "Chato's Land" has been added to "A Fistful Of Westerns" plus the homepage has been updated with the October "movies of the month" & "star of the month".
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