Actress Profile:
4th of October 1976

San Francisco, California, USA

HEIGHT: 5' 5"

EYE COLOR: Emerald Green

HAIR COLOR: Brown / Blonde

NICKNAME: Queen Slice

Both parents are English.

Alicia is a vegetarian.

San Mateo High School in California.

DEBUT FILM: "The Crush" (1993)
Alicia's New Film "Scorched" Now Available on DVD.
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* 2004 - Scooby-Doo 2
* 2003 - Miss Match (TV Series)
* 2002 - Global Heresy
* 2002 - Scorched
* 2001 - Braceface (TV Series) (voice)
* 2000 - Love's Labour's Lost

* 1999 - Blast From The Past
* 1997 - Excess Baggage
* 1997 - Batman & Robin
* 1996 - True Crime
* 1995 - The Babysitter
* 1995 - Clueless
* 1995 - Hideaway
* 1994 - Cool And The Crazy (TV)
* 1993 - The Crush
Last Updated Jan. 23rd 2004
* Alicia was a cheerleader in her high school years.

* Alicia's first on-screen performance was in a Domino's Pizza commercial. She also appeared in a number of music videos.

* Her first major film role was in the 1993 thriller "The Crush". In the film she plays a young girl obsessed with a much older man.  

*Alicia Silverstone's breakthrough film was 1995's box office smash "Clueless". She won best female performance & most desirable female at the MTV Movie Awards the following year.

* "Clueless" was her passport to big budget film roles such as Batgirl in the blockbuster fantasy "Batman & Robin" (1997).

* Alicia refuses to appear nude in any of her movies.

* In 1997 she produced & starred in the teen comedy "Excess Baggage".

* In 1999 Alicia starred alongside Brendan Fraser in the very popular romantic teen comedy "Blast From The Past".

* The future looks bright for Alicia as she continues to work hard in the new millennium to please her many adoring fans with roles in films such as "Love's Labour's Lost" (2000),  "Global Heresy" (2002), "Scorched" (2002) & "Scooby-Doo 2" (2004).
Alicia Silverstone at Hollywood Teen Movies:
Scorched [DVD](2002) DVD
Three disgruntled bank tellers plan independently to rip off their bank in this hilarious crime caper. Sheila (Alicia Silverstone) plans to get back at her boss for rejecting her by emptying out the ATM; Woods (Woody Harrelson) is a nature-lover who needs the cash to get even with the snooty industrialist (John Cleese) who killed his pet duck; and Stu (Paulo Costanzo) dreams of "borrowing" the dough and risking it all on a single bet in Vegas. With Rachael Leigh Cook, David Krumholtz, Jeffrey Tambor. 95 min. Standard and Widescreen; Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Surround, Spanish Dolby Digital Surround; Subtitles: English; theatrical trailer.

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