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This page was last updated May 31st 2003
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Actress Profile:
Ami Dolenz at Hollywood Teen Movies:
FULL NAME: Ami Bluebell Dolenz
DATE OF BIRTH : 8 January 1969
PLACE OF BIRTH : Burbank, California, USA
HEIGHT: 5' 3"
FATHER : Micky Dolenz
MOTHER : Samantha Juste
SISTERS : Charlotte, Emily, and Georgia

* Ami Dolenz's parents seperated when she was very young (about  aged 5). She began living with her mother & grandmother. Ami Dolenz would often  visit her famous Dad, Micky Dolenz ( The Monkee's), in England each summer.

* At age 15 Ami Dolenz announced to her parents that she wanted to become an actress.

* In no time at all Ami Dolenz found herself an agent, who taped her monologue & submitted it to "Junior Star Search." The competition was very competitve with over 1000 enetries. Ami went on to win the Junior actress division for the year. Her career as an actress had received the spark it needed.
* Ami Dolenz's acting career began with small parts in various TV shows including,  "Growing Pains", "Murder She Wrote", "Saved By The Bell" & "General Hospital".

* At age 17 Ami Dolenz dropped out of high school. Her acting commitments were starting to become a major force in her life.

* In 1987 Ami Dolenz had a bit part in the popular Patrick Dempsey teen movie "Can't Buy Me Love". She followed this up with her first feature film starring role opposite veteran comedic TV actor Tony Danza, in "She's Out of Control" (1989).  

* In 1992 she starred in the teen comedy "Miracle Beach", where she plays a genie possessing special powers. This movie together with "She's Out of Control" are considered by her many fans as possibly her two best.

* In 1993 Ami Dolenz starred in possibly her most physically demanding role in the Disney adventure flick " White Wolves: A Cry in the Wild II".

* During the mid 90's Ami Dolenz also starred in a series of straight to video horror films including, "Children of the night", "Witchboard II", "Ticks", "Stepmonster" & "Pumpkinhead II" .

* In 1994 Ami Dolenz appeared in the ABC special "Boys will be Boys". In it Ami Dolenz plays a teenage victim of sexual harassment . The film is sometimes used in schools as an educational video.
* Ami Dolenz enjoys writing & in the late 90's  she devoted considerable time to writing her first children's book.

* In 2003 Ami Dolenz returned to acting for the crime drama "Mr. Id".

* 2003 - Mr. Id
* 1997 - Demolition University  
* 1996 - Daedalus Is Dead
* 1995 - Life 101  
* 1995 - Virtual Seduction (TV)
* 1994 - Boys Will Be Boys (TV)
* 1994 - Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings
* 1994 - Bandit: Bandit Bandit (TV)
* 1993 - Rescue Me
* 1993 - Stepmonster
* 1993 - Ticks  
* 1993 - White Wolves: A Cry in the Wild II
* 1993 - Witchboard 2
* 1992 - Miracle Beach
* 1992 - To Die, To Sleep
* 1991 - Children of the Night
* 1990 - Faith
* 1990 - Ferris Bueller (TV Series)
* 1990 - Sunset Beat (TV)
* 1989 - She's Out of Control
* 1987 - Can't Buy Me Love
* 1987 - General Hospital (TV Series)
* 1986 - The Children of Times Square (TV)
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Ami Dolenz
Ami Dolenz
Ami Dolenz
Miracle Beach