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"Disturbia" DVD Synopsis:
TITLE: Disturbia
: 2007
DIRECTOR : D.J. Caruso

STARRING : Shia LaBeouf, Sarah Roemer, Carrie-Anne Moss, David Morse, Aaron Yoo, Matt Craven

* Every killer lives next door to someone
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After his father’s death, Kale (Shia LaBeouf) becomes sullen, withdrawn and troubled - so much so that he finds himself under a court-ordered sentence of house arrest. His mother, Julie (Carrie-Anne Moss) works night and day to support herself and her son, only to be met with indifference and lethargy.

The walls of his house begin to close in on Kale and with the help of his best friend, Ronnie (Aaron Yoo), and the new girl next door, Ashley (Sara Roemer), he becomes a voyeur into the secret lives of his neighbours. Prompted by a connection between a newscast and the car of one of his neighbours, Turner (David Morse), Kale becomes convinced that he is living next to a serial killer. Through the use of technology and his own cunning - as neither the police nor his mother believes him - Kale must gather additional evidence to bring Turner to justice and prevent the murder of an innocent woman.
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Disturbia (Widescreen Version) [DVD](2007) DVD
Modern-day spin on "Rear Window" stars Shia LaBeouf as a troubled teen placed under house arrest after assaulting a teacher. His new hobby of spying on unknowing neighbors becomes more than a voyeuristic thrill when he begins to suspect one of them (David Morse) is a serial killer. Tracking his every move with the help of the girl next door (Sarah Roemer), LaBeouf engages Morse in a battle of wits that can have only one winner. With Carrie-Anne Moss, Aaron Yoo. 104 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1 EX, French Dolby Digital 5.1 EX, Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1 EX; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; audio commentary; "making of" featurette; deleted scenes; outtakes; music video; more.

Disturbia [Blu-ray](2007)
Disturbia [DVD](2007) DVD
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