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Hollywood Teen Movies is a movie & actor database run by two film historians who love & appreciate movies as an artform. The Website has been created for the purpose of giving pleasure & enjoyment to other movie fans. Unfortunately a website such as this is very expensive to run & maintain. Just recently the site was shut down by our server without notice. For a short time there, we thought the site would remain in the dark forever. Fortunately we were able to change servers and restore the site, but at considerable cost, time and effort. It is for this reason that we have set up this donations page.The income raised could help in a small way, to keep this site running, because sooner or later a site such as this will become too expensive to run & then sadly, another movie site might bite the dust.

Movie fans from around the world can visit Hollywood Teen Movies for free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We would like to keep it that way and we would like to continue making regular updates to the site. However,  as Hollywood Teen Movies grows so do the costs in keeping the site online. The creators of Hollywood Teen Movies appreciate any donations that you could spare to help maintain the site and to help fund the domain and hosting costs! If you would like to "Help keep Hollywood Teen Movies alive", please click the PayPal donation button below and you will be able to make a donation instantly with your credit card. Thank you for your support.
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