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Teen Movies Of The 1980's
Film Facts:
"Dudes" - Video Synopsis :
TITLE : Dudes
DIRECTOR : Penelope Spheeris
: Jon Cryer, Daniel Roebuck, Catherine Mary Stewart, Flea, Lee Ving, Michael Melvin, Glenn Withrow
* New York City Is Tough, But The Country Is Really Murder!
* They Were Looking For The American Dream... They Found The American Nightmare!
* A Powerful Action Adventure That Will Rock A Generation!
* 18 & Bored!
* 80's Version Of "Easy Rider".
Jon Cryer ("Pretty In Pink" & "Hiding Out") and Daniel Roebuck (Project X) star as two New York punk rockers, who along with their best friend, head west to look for the good life in California but only two of them make it. One the way, the threesome come across a vicious biker gang leader and a pistol-packin' beauty (Catherine Mary Stewart), who take them from Heaven to Hell in this story of restless youth and killer reality.

"Dudes" is directed by Penelope Spheeris ("Suburbia") and features the hottest Rock 'n' Roll this side of the border.
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Catherine Mary Stewart in Dudes