* Film producer Hal Wallis once stated "A Presley picture is the only sure thing in show business".

*  Elvis Presley's favourite film was "Rebel without a Cause" (1955). It is believed that Elvis could recite every word of James Dean's script from memory.

*  Robert Wagner was originally considered for the part of Clint Reno, the part Elvis played in his first movie "Love Me Tender".

* The original working title of "Love Me Tender" was "The Reno Brothers".

* Elvis' character Clint dies at the end of "Love Me Tender". His mother & thousands of fans were so upset that the producers altered the ending, adding a silhouette presence of Elvis singing the title song over the end credits.

* An alternative ending to "Love Me Tender", in which Elvis lives, was filmed but not used.

* Elvis dies in 2 of his films, both were westerns: "Love Me Tender" & "Flaming Star".

* "Love Me Tender" was the only film for which Elvis did not receive star billing.

* The original title of "Loving You" was "Lonesome Cowboy".

* Elvis' parents were extras in an audience scene in the closing number of the film "Loving You".

* During the making of "Jailhouse Rock" Elvis swallowed a tooth cap & ended up in hospital.

*  When "GI Blues" was screened in Mexico, a riot took place, the Mexcian government banned the screening of other Elvis films.

* The 2 songs "Lonely Man" & "Forget Me Never" were cut from the film "Wild in the Country".

* The working title of "Blue Hawaii" was "Hawaii Beach Boy".

* Before settling on the film title "Follow That Dream", other titles considered were "Pioneer Go Home", "What a Wondeful Life", & finally "Here Come the Kwimpers".

* The 12 year old child who kicks Elvis in the shins in "It Happened At The World's Fair" is Kurt Russell.

* Elvis was described by one reviewer as "Suffering from itchy underwear & hot shoes".

* One of the mountain girls in "Kissin' Cousins" is the eldest daughter of Ronald Reagan.

* James Bond villain, Richard Kiel (Jaws) had a small role as a strongman in "Roustabout".

* Rachel Welch's first screen appearance was in "Roustabout". She played a school student.

* Elvis' film "Tickle Me" saved Allied Artists from bankruptcy.

* In Britain, "Harum Scarum" was released as "Harum Holiday".

* Colonel Tom Parker turned down any roles offered to Elvis Presley that would not give him top billing.

* Elvis was offered the lead role opposite Elizabeth Taylor in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof". It was the role which helped establish the career of Paul Newman.

* The oscar winning role, played by George Chakiris in West Side Story (1961) was first offered to Elvis Presley.

* The last major film role offered to Elvis was opposite Barbra Streisand in "A Star is Born" (1976).

* Bill Bixby, well known for his TV roles in "My Favourite Martian" & "The Incredible Hulk", starred in two Elvis films, "Clambake" & "Speedway".

* Mary Tyler Moore picked up a Golden Turkey Award for her performance in "Change of Habit".

* The music featured in "Charro" (not title song) was composed by Hugo Montenegro, famous for "The Good The Bad & The Ugly".

* An MGM executive once said about the films of Elvis Presley "They don't need titles. They could be numbered".
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