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Fire With Fire
"Fire With Fire" is a modern-day re-telling of the Romeo & Juliet story. Joe Fisk, (Craig Sheffer) a young convict at a detention camp falls in love with Lisa (Virginia Madsen), a student at a nearby Catholic school. The two lovers first meet in the woods; Joe is running through the forest when he spots Lisa relaxing in a nearby pond. Although the two do not speak to each other it is made apparent that it is love at first sight. Later, they meet for a second time, once again very briefly. Joe & his prison friends are on an excursion at the local cinema. Their eyes meet during the screening of the film. Lisa convinces the sisters at the Catholic school, that it would be a nice gesture to invite the boys from the neighboring detention camp to a dance. The meeting between the two lovers at the dance is wonderfully staged & certainly a highlight of the film. Their love for each other is cemented at the dance & sparks off their emotional desire to be together at all costs.

Together the two lovers orchestrate an escape from their respective institutions so that they can be together. The authorities chase them into the woods as they have broken all the rules & have defied the establishment, thinking that their love will conqueror all. "Fire With Fire" is based on a true story & should particularly appeal to young teenage girls. I know one female who claims that this is her favorite movie of all time. I feel that it is at times slow moving & the ending seems somewhat incomplete but the likeable cast & the beautifully crafted love story makes the movie pleasant to watch.
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TITLE : Fire With Fire
DIRECTOR : Duncan Gibbons
STARRING :  Craig Sheffer, Virginia Madsen, Kate Reid, Jon Polito, J.J. Cohen, Ann Savage, Kari Wuhrer, Tim Russ, David Harris, Penelope Sudrow, D.B. Sweeney, Jean Smart.
* Two Lives, One Love, No Time!
* Based On A True Story
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Craig Sheffer & Virginia Madsen heat up the screen in the teen romance drama "Fire With Fire".
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Fire With Fire(1986) VHS
Two young lovers, a repressed girl from a private school and a boy from a nearby reformatory, meet and fall in love, but soon find themselves on the run from the law when he escapes to be with her. Virginia Madsen, Craig Sheffer, Kate Reid star. 103 min.

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