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Fraternity Vacation
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Film Facts:
"Fraternity Vacation" - DVD Synopsis :
TITLE : Fraternity Vacation
DIRECTOR : James Frawley
: Stephen Geoffreys, Sheree J. Wilson, Cameron Dye, Leigh McCloskey, Tim Robbins, Matt McCoy, Amanda Bearse, John Vernon, Nita Talbot, Barbara Crampton, Kathleen Kinmont, Max Wright, Julie Payne, Franklin Ajaye, Charles Rocket, Britt Ekland
* Meet Wendell Tvedt. Would you believe he's about to become America's # 1 Hunk? What happens to him, could happen to you?
* Astronomy major Wendell Tvedt has studied galaxies, charted planets and pondered the universe. But in Palm Springs, he'll encounter his first full moon.
Bruce Tucker (Tim Robbins), AKA Mother, and Joe Gillespie (Cameron Dye) are college men off to sample the delights of Palm Springs, especially the tanned female variety. Their only problem - Wendell! Wendell Tvedt (Stephen Geoffreys) is a new member of their college fraternity. He’s also the ultimate nerd… and he’s going with them! However, Wendell’s parents are picking up the tab, so they’ve agreed to show him the ropes.

Once in town, they meet up with Charles Lawlor III (Leigh McCloskey) and J.C. Springer (Matt McCoy), member of the rival fraternity, they’re all after the same thing - but the object of their attentions, beautiful Ashley Taylor (Sheree Wilson), couldn’t be more disinterested.

Joe and Chris strike a bet - the first to score with Ashley wins $1,000. The competition is fierce.
Meanwhile, Wendell, to everyone’s surprise, picks up Nicole (Amanda Bearse) and seems to have scored. Later however, he falls through a window into a woman’s bedroom and gets arrested for attempted rape. In jail he falls afoul of the police chief (John Vernon) when he befriends two hookers who give him a ride home. Have Joe and Mother created a sex maniac?

Nicole’s father turns out to be the police chief. Broken-hearted over Nicole, Wendell drives off into the desert. Ashley, meanwhile, finds out about the bet and also takes off to the desert. When the police chief won’t help them find Wendell, Joe and Mother drive their car into his backyard and right through an elegant party. The police chief immediately incarcerates them and announces over the radio that he’s closing the town.
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Fraternity Vacation [DVD](1985) DVD
It's fun, beer and bikinis in the sun when two frat boys head to Palm Springs with a nerd in tow. Along the way they're challenged to be the first to score with a pretty girl, but wacky surprises are in store. Zany comedy stars Tim Robbins, Stephen Geoffreys, Cameron Dye, Sheree Wilson. 95 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby mono; trailers.

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Fraternity Vacation DVD