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Sword & Sandal
Richard Harrison
"Gladiators 7" Now on DVD :
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TITLE : Gladiators 7
ALTERNATIVE TITLE : Los Siete espartanos
DIRECTOR : Pedro Lazaga

Richard Harrison, Loredana Nusciak, Livio Lorenzon, Gérard Tichy, Edoardo Toniolo, José Marco Davó, Bernabe Barta Barri, Tony Zamperla, Franca Badeschi, Enrique Ávila, Antonio Rubio
"Gladiators 7" Film Facts :
"Gladiators 7" Lobby Cards:
* Seven Times More Spectacular ... Seven Times More Thrills ... Because Of Its Seven Heroes!
* Seven Heroes... In A Spectacular Story Of Superhuman Courage!
* Seven Heores! Seven Spartan Warriors! They Fight With The Fury Of Thousands!
* To free a city, seven wariors must crush an Empire!
VHS Synopsis : A warrior leads some gladiators that have vowed to free Sparta from its tyrannical ruler. Musclemen, swords and sandals, and a bit of humor to boot.

DVD Synopsis: In the 1st Century A.D., seven gladiators revolt and begin a thrilling, bloody rampage to free the oppressed people of Sparta from the tyranny of the Roman Empire. The leader of the Spartan warriors (Richard Harrison) delivers impressive sword fighting as they battle against the harsh and unjust Roman rulers.
"Gladiators 7" Synopsis :
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"Gladiators 7" Taglines :
Gladiator Seven [DVD](1964) DVD
Thrilling Imperial Rome opus plays like "The Magnificent Seven in Togas," as seven brave soldiers go up against the cruel tyrants who have been controlling the city of Sparta. When gladiator leader Richard Harrison saves the princess, he gets a "Sparta kiss." With Loredana Nusciak, Livio Lorenzon. AKA: "Gladiators 7." 92 min. Standard; English (dubbed) Dolby Digital mono; theatrical trailers; scene access.

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Gladiators 7