TITLE: Hercules and The Captive Women
DIRECTOR: Vittorio Cottafavi  
: Reg Park, Fay Spain, Ettore Manni, Luciano Marin, Laura Efrikian, Enrico Maria Salerno, Ivo Garrani, Gian Maria Volonté, Mimmo Palmara, Mario Petri, Mino Doro, Salvatore Furnari, Alessandro Sperli, Mario Valdemarin, Luciana Angiolillo.
* The Wierdest! The Wildest!
* Half Woman! Half Stone!
* Could she subdue this giant of a man with her sorcery?
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Hercules And The
Captive Women
Film Facts:
Hercules And The Captive Women: Video Case Cover
A terrible danger from beyond the straits, across the great ocean, threatens Greece. Hercules sets off with Androcles, King of Thebes, to halt this threat. After being shipwrecked near the famed and mystical city of Atlantis, Hercules rescues a captive Atlantean maiden from Proteus, Son of Uranus. Hercules then sets out to thwart the world domination plans of Antonea, Queen of Atlantis.

Hercules And The Captive Women: Tony's Comments
In "Hercules And The Captive Women", bodybuilder Reg Park (Mr. Universe 1951, 1958 & 1965) flexes his biceps and puts on the sandals & toga for this, his first outing as the mighty Hercules. In some parts of the world the film goes under a variety of titles including, "Hercules Conquers Atlantis", "Hercules and the Conquest of Atlantis" and "Hercules and the Haunted Women". "Hercules And The Captive Women" is an above average entry in the Hercules genre. It has the usual monsters; a dash of romance, campy action sequences and above all Reg Park looks the part. Look out for Sergio Leone favorite Gian Maria Volonté  (A Fistful of Dollars & For A Few Dollars More) in a small role as the King of Sparta. "Hercules And The Captive Women" is pure fun, 90 minutes of non-stop Herculean action.
The Great Reg Park stands tall in the Hercules movie that made him a household name, "Hercules And The Captive Women".

The video case cover for "Hercules And The Captive Women" features Reg Park doing battle with a giant snake
"Hercules & The Captive Women": Synopsis & Tony's Comments
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Hercules The Avenger(1962)
Reg Park excels as the muscular hero in this "spaghetti spectacle" that finds Hercules in the underworld, trying to save his son's soul from Gaea, the wicked Earth goddess. Meanwhile, Gaea's son travels to Earth and masquerades as a villainous Herc. Sharp-eyed viewers will spot stock footage from "Hercules and the Captive Women" and "Hercules in the Haunted World." With Gia Sandri.

Hercules And The Captive Women(1963)
Reg Park flexes his pecs as the mythological strongman, out to save his son from the thrall of the evil queen of Atlantis. He must overcome mystic hordes and a deadly dragon if he is to thwart her schemes of conquest. Fay Spain, Ettore Manni. 93 min.

Hercules, Prisoner Of Evil(1964)
Reg Park, the Italian master of sweaty sinews and superhuman strength, confronts a witch who has incredible, mystical powers which enable her to turn men into werewolves. Wa-eeeeww! Werewolves of Athens!
"Hercules Collection" - Includes 3 Reg Park adventures - Film details below:
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Hercules In The Haunted World [DVD](1961) DVD
Reg Park returns as Herc, who doesn't shirk from the task of returning with the cure for his dying beloved...even if it means a descent into the bowels of Hell! And demon lord Christopher Lee is determined to see that he never resurfaces! Mario Bava directs. AKA: "Hercules vs. the Vampires." "Hercules in the Center of the Earth." Original European version; 82 min. Soundtracks: Italian Dolby Digitial mono, English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English; photo gallery; poster gallery; theatrical trailer.

Hercules Collection [DVD] DVD
Four-disc set includes "Hercules" (1958), "Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules," "Atlas in the Land of the Cyclops," "Giants of Rome," "Hercules and the Captive Women," "Hercules, Prisoner of Evil," "Hercules and the Black Pirate," "Hercules the Avenger," and "Hercules and the Princess of Troy."

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Hercules and The Captive Women
Reg Park as Hercules
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