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TITLE : Hercules Recycled
: 1994
DIRECTOR : Richard Bickerton  
STARRING : Steve Reeves
"Hercules Recycled" Video Synopsis:
Two famous wide-screen blockbusters, "Hercules" and Hercules Unchained, have been re-edited into one, fast-paced, outrageous comedy-adventure,"Hercules Recycled" with hilarious dialogue and sound. This is movie magic at its wackiest!. It's 2024 A.D. Technology has vanished. MTV is but a memory. And commuters travel by horse-drawn chariot. But one hope remains - a lost, secret energy formula written on the back of a golden bath mat which can restore civilization to its former splendor! Only one man is buff enough to stand against bloodthirsty special interest groups, battle savage fast-food mutants, and capture the formula - that man is former TV exercise show host Burt Galaxy (Steve Reeves)!

"Hercules Recycled" Tony's Comments
"Bogus Reality Productions" presents this wacky send-up of the two most famous "Hercules" films in cinema history, "Hercules" (1957) and "Hercules Unchained" (1959) starring legendary muscleman Steve Reeves. "Hercules Recycled" is Steve Reeves, as you have never seen him before and saying things that you have never heard him say before. This film is a re-edit of Steve's two Hercules films. The best scenes have been extracted from each film, re-dubbed, rearranged and put together to compile this hilarious spoof of the 1960's sword and sandal films. The film's new soundtrack also includes its own catchy theme song "Recycled Lover", performed by Don Moriarty. "Hercules Recycled" was not the first film to do a voice over on an old peplum. The first one was an Australian film titled "Hercules Returns" (1993) that used footage from the Alan Steele starer "Samson And The Mighty Challenge" (1964). More recently, actor/director Steve Oedekerk took the idea one step further for his big-screen kung fu flick "Kung Pow: Enter The Fist" (2002) by taking footage from the Jimmy Wang Yu classic "Tiger And Crane Fists" (1976) and implementing not only sound but also himself into the picture. "Hercules Recycled" is light-hearted, full of laughs and it is the only time you will ever see Steve Reeves in a comedy. So if you are a Steve Reeves fan, a lover of 1960's peplum films or if you simply get a kick out of re-dubbed comedies, then this film is a definite must-see.
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* You don't get a body like this eating Sweety Puffs
* Cringe at the attack of the insurance salesman
* Marvel at the dexterity of the vengeful vixens
* Shutter at the sight of the fast food mutants
* Hyperventilate at Burt Galaxy's ultimate, high-impact workout!
* Pant at the advances of BOOM-BOOM LaRush!
Quotes on the Video Case Cover:

* "It was quite funny....Actually"
- Art Mann (E! Entertainment TV)

* " I haven't laughed that hard in years. How did they get Steve Reeves to say that stuff?" - Tom Wall

* "When I get my hands on those pencil-necked producers, I'm going to snap their heads off!" - Steve Reeves
Film Synopsis & Tony's Comments:
"Hercules Recycled" is available to buy:
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Hercules Recycled
Hercules battles the insurance salesman