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This page was last updated March 12th 2004
Swashbucklers & Pirates
The Pirate
Starring Steve Reeves
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"MORGAN The PIRATE" Film Facts :
"Morgan The Pirate" Taglines :

: Morgan The Pirate
YEAR : 1961
DIRECTOR: André De Toth & Primo Zeglio

: Steve Reeves, Valérie Lagrange, Chelo Alonso, Ivo Garrani, Lidia Alfonsi, Giulio Bosetti, Angelo Zanolli, George Ardisson, Dino Malacrida, Armand Mestral, Aldo Pini, Mimmo Poli, Anita Todesco.
Tony's Comments :
"Morgan The Pirate" is Steve Reeves at his best in this rollicking action-filled pirate adventure. In the tradition of all good Saturday matinees "Morgan The Pirate" is high adventure at its best, it has all the action, romance, suspense, and exotic locations to keep you entertained for a solid 95 minutes. The film features many well-staged action sequences including the now famous duel between Reeves and the leader of a rival pirate gang. Morgan is challenged by the pirate chief to a knife fight, but when Reeves take off his shirt revealing his exceptional build, the pirate chief decides to switch the fight to swords. The exciting swordfight begins inside a bar but eventually spills out onto a beach. This lively adventure traces the events in the life of Henry Morgan who goes from slave, to pirate and eventually to governor of panama. Colourful costumes, authentic looking pirates ships and a fantastic music score combine to set up the atmosphere beautifully. "Morgan The Pirate" is hard to find on video but if you can get your hands on a copy it is well worth a viewing.
* The boldest swashbuckler of all the seven seas comes alive on the screen!
* All his fabulous eploits and heroic deeds! The Robin Hoood of the bounding main whose courage carved a path of glory across the world and back!
"Morgan The Pirate" Tony's Comments :
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Steve Reeves
Steve Reeves
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Hercules Unchained [DVD](1959) DVD
Steve Reeves returns as the mighty Hercules in another saga of muscles, maidens and monsters. Robbed of his memory, Herc is a prisoner of the lovely Queen of Lidia and must compete in the Contest of Giants for his freedom. 101 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English dubbed mono.

Hercules Unchained(1959) VHS
Hercules [DVD](1957) DVD
The original "swords, sandals and sweat" spectacle stars Steve Reeves as the muscular Greek superhero who asks the gods to make him mortal so he can find love and share in the adventures of humans. His mortal adventures include falling in love with beautiful princess Sylva Koscina and going on a perilous journey with Jason in search of the Golden Fleece. 105 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English dubbed; scene access.

Hercules(1957) VHS
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Hercules Unchained DVD Poster
Hercules DVD Poster
Steve Reeves in MorganThePirate