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Sword & Sandal Epics
Kirk Morris
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TITLE :  Hercules, Samson & Ulysses
DIRECTOR : Pietro Francisci
STARRING : Kirk Morris, Richard Lloyd, Enzo Cerusio, Liana Orfei, Diletta D'Andrea, Fulvia Franco.
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"Hercules, Samson & Ulysses"
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Hercules, Samson & Ulysses is a better than average entry in the popular Italian Peplum genre.The one on one battle between Samon (Richard Lloyd) & Hercules (Kirk Morris) is campy muscleman antics at its best! Unfortunately this sword & sandal adventure is a lost gem & is unavailable on VHS or DVD at this stage.
"Hercules, Samson & Ulysses"
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Samson And The Sea Beast [VHS](1960) VHS
He-man hero Samson (Kirk Morris) goes up against a group of pirates and finds himself held captive by the scoundrels, until a noblewoman steps in to help him. Then Samson faces a ferocious creature in a spectacular duel. With Marga Lee.

Colossus And The Headhunters [VHS](1960) VHS
Kirk Morris plays the mighty hero Colossus, who flees to an island following a deadly earthquake. There he is confronted by a group of nasty headhunters and tries to restore the power of the island's queen.

Devil Of The Desert Against The Son Of Hercules [VHS](1962) VHS
Swords! Sinews! Sand! Muscleman Kirk Morris dons the loincloth for this spectacle, in which the mythical hero helps a group of nomadic herdsmen battle their way through the "Valley of the Thundering Echoes" to reach a fabled oasis. AKA: "Hercules of the Desert," "The Slave Merchants." 93 min.

The Witch's Curse [DVD](1962) DVD
A 17th-century body-builder rips up a tree and descends to Hell to force a witch to remove her curse from his village. American muscleman Kirk Morris plays a Scottish shepherd in this Italian-made Maciste epic. AKA: "Maciste in Hell." 76 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English (dubbed). Plays All Regions.

Triumph Of The Son Of Hercules [VHS](1963) VHS
Dad left behind quite a lionskin to fill, but the well-groomed and heavily-muscled Kirk Morris more than acquits himself in this epic adventure loaded with swordplay, strongmen, and savagery. And wait until you hear the theme song!

Terror Of The Steppes [VHS](1964) VHS
Is it Slinky, Toy from Hell? No, but just as fearsome: a bloody tyrant closes his grip on slave girls and dirt farmers until muscleman Kirk Morris puts a kink in his coils. Moira Orfei co-stars.

Maciste Against Hercules In The Vale Of Woe [VHS](1964) VHS
An outrageous Roman orgy of muscles and mirth abounds as two shifty 20th-century wrestling promoters mistakenly land their time machine 7,000 years in the past. After inventing the cha-cha and the wheel, the duo meets strongmen Hercules (Frank Gordon) and Maciste (Kirk Morris), Circe the sorceress, a talking pig, a minotaur, and Franco and Ciccio, a hit Italian comedy team.

Atlas Against The Czar [VHS](1964) VHS
Italian Gladiator Muscleman Goes Russian! That's what happens when Maciste is resurrected after being found in a cave in the Ural Mountains and enlisted to help Czar Nikolay Nikolayevich terrorize his constituents. After realizing that the ruler has bad intentions for him, Maciste rebels big time. With Kirk Morris as Maciste (who is actually "Atlas," but that's a long story), Massimo Serato.

The Conqueror Of Atlantis [VHS](1965) VHS
Way, way out gladiator entry starring Kirk Morris as Heracles (Greek for Hercules) out to find a Nomad princess kidnapped by masked gold raiders. Eventually, his journey leads to the lost city of Atlantis, where the muscular hero encounters such oddities as zombies, female guards who will die if they "taste the love of a man," death-ray pistols and even long pants! With Luciana Gilli.

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