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Hiding Out
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Film Facts:
"Hiding Out" - DVD Synopsis :
TITLE : Hiding Out
DIRECTOR : Bob Giraldi
: Jon Cryer, Annabeth Gish, Keith Coogan
* When you're a successful broker and the mob wants you dead there's only one thing to do... Go back to high school.
* There's only one thing more frightening than murder: High School.
Jon Cryer stars in this ‘80s comedy favorite as Andrew Morenski, a successful young Wall Street broker called to testify against the mob in a bogus bond trial. But when he finds himself hunted by ruthless hitmen, a desperate Andrew shaves his beard, changes his name and hides out as a student in a suburban high school. , , Now as ‘Max Hauser,’ he must deal with a whole new world of know-it-all teachers, instant popularity and student council elections, all while counseling his dorky cousin (Keith Coogan) and romancing a beautiful classmate (Annabeth Gish). Even if Max can outsmart a team of cold-blooded killers, will he be able to survive the terror of senior year?
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Hiding Out [DVD](1987) DVD
What happens when stockbroker-turned-witness Jon Cryer finds himself running for his life from the Mob? He finds refuge in high school, enrolling himself as a teenage student! Co-stars Keith Coogan, Annabeth Gish. 95 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; theatrical trailer.

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Jon Cryer & Annabeth Gish