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Movie News: January - December 2002
December 13th - Now showing in US cinemas, "Maid In Manhattan" & "The Hot Chick".  "Maid In Manhattan" comes from the pen of the great Teen Movie director John Hughes. The film is a modern-day Cinderella story starring Latin bombshell Jennifer Lopez & Ralph Fiennes. "The Hot Chick" is the latest teen comedy, which sees a young girl finding herself in the body of an older man (Rob Schneider). The film is reminiscent of 1980's body swap films such as "Big", "Vice Versa" and "Like Father, Like Son".

December 2nd
- The popular 1980's TV series "21 Jump Street" (1987-1990) which made a star of teen heartthrob Johnny Depp is now set to hit the big screen. The stars for the remake have not yet been named.

November 27th
- After just 3 months of marriage "Valley Girl" star Nicolas Cage has filed for divorce from wife Lisa Marie Presley .

November 8th
- 80's Teen Queen Molly Ringwald is set to divorce her French novelist husband of 3 years, Valery Lameignere.

September 23rd
- The second sequel to "American Pie" is to begin production in January 2003 under the working title of "American Wedding". The expected release date for US cinemas is August 2003. Most of the cast will return.

September 15th - Reese Witherspoon has reportedly signed a $15-million deal to appear in Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, & Blonde.

September 1st
- Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. were married in Mexico.

August 29th - According to a US TV poll, "The Top 10 Most Desirable Actresses in Hollywood" are:
1. Sandra Bullock, 2. Renee Zellweger, 3. Nicole Kidman, 4. Gwyneth Paltrow, 5. Janet Jackson, 6. Kirsten Dunst, 7. Jennifer Love Hewitt, 8. Beyonce Knowles, 9. Lara Flynn Boyle, 10. Kristin Davis.

August 22nd - Australian heartthrob Heath Ledger (age 23) has a new love in the form of Australian actress Naomi Watts (age 33). The two actors who met on the film  "The Kelly Gang" have been spotted out and about in Los Angeles.

August 20th -The stars of "Scooby-Doo", Freddie Prinze Jr. & Sarah Michelle Gellar are set to marry this weekend in a beach-side ceremony somewhere in the Caribbean.

August 16th
- The teen surf movie "Blue Crush" hits cinemas today. The film boasts some of the most spectacular surfing footage ever.

July 1st
- Teen stars, Heath Ledger & Kirsten Dunst have been spotted shopping for perfume at a Beverly Hills department store.

June 17th
- Former 80's teen star Charlie Sheen marries Bond girl Denise Richards in LA.

June 15th
- "American Pie" star Shannon Elizabeth (age 28) married actor Joseph D. Reitman (age 34) in Mexico. The couple had been engaged since November 1999.

June 14th
- "Scooby Doo", the live-action adaptation of the classic cartoon series, starring teen idol Freddie Prinze Jr (complete with blonde hair) hits U.S. cinemas today, while Australian moviegoers can expect to see the movie released June 2Oth.

May 3rd - Teens will now have a new super hero in the form of Tobey Maguire when "Spider-Man" hits U.S. screens today. Spider-man's love interest is played by teen queen Kirsten Dunst. The film is expected to hit Australian cinemas June 6th.

April 4th - The new teen comedy, known in the U.S. as "National Lampoon's Van Wilder", with be released to Australian audiences today, under the title "Van Wilder: Party Liaison". The movie stars Ryan Reynolds and Tara Reid and will be released in the U.S. on April 5th.

March 22nd - Teens dress in drag for the new comedy "Sorority Boys" which hits U.S. cinemas today. The film is expected for release in Australian cinemas on March 28th.

February 13th
- Two of today's most popular teen singers have gone Hollywood. Firstly, Mandy Moore's romantic teen drama "A Walk to Remember" has hit cinemas in the USA. Made on a budget of $11 million dollars the film has already gone on to gross over $23 million dollars in the US alone. Secondly, Teen Queen Britney Spears makes her film debut in the teen romance "Crossroads". The film is scheduled for release in US cinemas on the 15th of February. Both films take advantage of the stars musical talents.

January 20th -  1950's & 60's Teen Idol & heartthrob Fabian Forte has recently unveiled his star on the world renowned "Hollywood Walk of Fame". Fabian Forte, now 58 years of age, was only a teenager when he hit the record charts with "Turn Me Loose" & "Tiger". Fabian also appeared in the hit movies "Hound-Dog Man", "North To Alaska", "Ride The Wild Surf" & "Fireball 500". Fabian currently lives with his wife Andrea Patrick in Pennsylvania, USA.
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