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Congeniality 2
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March 23rd 2005
Comedy & Slapstick
Film Facts:
Cinema Synopsis :
TITLE : Miss Congeniality 2
DIRECTOR : John Pasquin

: Sandra Bullock, Regina King, Enrique Murciano, Diedrich Bader, Heather Burns, William Shatner, Nick Offerman.
TAGLINE : Armed & Fabulous
There’s nothing she won’t do to save her It’s been five years since we first met Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) in Miss Congeniality. Gracie, an FBI agent who, back then, was really one of the boys, and dismissive of anything that even hinted at glamour or “girlie” things, was forced to go undercover as a contestant in a beauty pageant that had come under threat from a terrorist. Transforming her from a tough tomboy agent into a beautiful and believable pageant queen would have been a challenge even for the Queer Eye guys, but it was accomplished and Gracie emerged looking like a million dollars - and she cracked the case.

Nowadays, despite her newfound fame, Gracie is down in the dumps following a broken romance and she thinks that her new celebrity image is jeopardising the rough and tumble undercover work she loves. Reluctantly, she takes on another role - that of “the face of the FBI” which sends her onto the talk show circuit. Soon, Gracie starts to enjoy the spotlight.

The image does not impress her new partner, Sam Fuller (Regina King) a tough and ambitious agent who thinks the media darling has turned into an FBI Barbie. The atmosphere between them is catty, to say the least.

When Gracie’s best friend, Cheryl (Heather Burns) and emcee, Stan Fields (William Shatner) are kidnapped in Las Vegas, Gracie is raring to get back into action, but the FBI does not want to lose its greatest PR asset. Sam is assigned to keep her partner in line, but she soon finds that the old Gracie is back and friends.
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Miss Congeniality (Special Edition) [DVD](2000) DVD
Laughs and suspense mix when tomboy FBI agent Sandra Bullock poses as Miss New Jersey in the Miss United States beauty contest in order to stop a terrorist from blowing up the pageant. Turning the ungainly and unfeminine Bullock into a believable contestant, even with help from glamour consultant Michael Caine, could be more difficult than catching the bomber! With Candice Bergen, Benjamin Bratt, Ernie Hudson, and William Shatner as the show's host. 110 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, French Dolby Digital 5.1; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; audio commentary; deleted scenes; "making of" documentaries; game; "Miss Congeniality 2" preview; theatrical trailer; more.

Miss Congeniality(2000) VHS
Miss Congeniality [DVD](2000) DVD
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